Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to reduce our murder rate by 30 to 50 percent

CeasefireUSA: The GVP Report - September 29, 2015

In The News

Webster Ted Talk Professor Daniel Webster, Johns Hopkins University, talks about a specific policy path that will reduce our murder rate. "Our gun laws allow too low of standards for legal gun ownership and are too weak to hold people accountable when their actions put a gun into the hands of criminals."

► A new study in the Journal of American Medical Association Pediatrics, State Gun Law Environment and Youth Gun Carrying in the U.S., Xuan & Hemenway, finds that stricter state gun laws help keep firearms out of the hands of youth.

► A new study in the Journal of Criminology, Concealed Handgun Licensing and Crime in Four States, Charles Phillips et al, finds that issuing more concealed carry permits does not decrease crime.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for national gun violence prevention legislation during eulogy for a top state attorney who was killed by a stray bullet. "It's not enough for NY to pass a gun law and close the front door when the guns are coming in the back door."

Missoula, MT City Council will consider a proposed ordinance to require background checks on all gun sales.  Some city council members are frustrated with the state legislature's refusal to deal with this issue.

U.S. Court of Appeals struck down some of Washington, D.C.'s gun laws while upholding others. The court ruled the District's prohibition on registering more than one gun a month was unconstitutional. The court upheld provisions that require gun owners to be photographed and fingerprinted and complete a firearms safety course.

► The Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission ruled that a campaign finance complaint against the NRA can move forward. The complaint alleges that the NRA's federal PAC was used to fund contributions to candidates for state office in violation of CT law.

► NY Times, When Columbine Is Invoked, Fears Tend to Overshadow Facts. Some scholars recommend examining school shooting not as a discrete phenomenon but as one aspect of this country's broader wave of gun violence.

► The Trace, When a Bullet Enters a Body: Gun Violence as Seen by a Trauma Surgeon. Unless you get shot in the heart - in which case you will die in minutes - it will usually take hours to die. In the movies you always die quickly from a gunshot wound. But not in real life.

Community Support

Jessica Lonnie & Sandy Phillips, We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to his Ammo Dealer. We brought our lawsuit because we thought it was outrageous that companies could sell a dangerous man an arsenal without getting any information from him. We did not seek any money in our case.

Spocko, Crooks and Liars, It's Time to Change How the Media Covers Shootings. Here are some suggestions on what can be done and how you could help.

Laura Finley, PeaceVoice, Guns No Answer to Rape on Campus. Studies do not bear out that arming women helps prevent sexual assault or domestic and dating violence. In part, this is because most frequently sexual assault occurs within a dating relationship.

Katie McDonough, Fusion, The Boyfriend Loophole: How a law with two missing words is letting domestic abusers buy guns. Under current law, people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence are only banned from owning guns if they are married to, have children with, or live with their victims.

Protest WUSA9, Hundreds Protest Firearms Being Sold Near School in McLean, VA. "I'm very concerned that they chose to put a gun store in the backyard of a grade school." The new store is just yards from the back of Franklin Sherman Elementary School.

Professor Jennifer Tucker, Wesleyan University, The Not-So-Wild West. The Wild West was the setting for some of the nation's first gun-control laws. People couldn't just walk around with guns. There was a clear understanding that civilized people did not walk around America's towns and cities carrying guns.

James Andres, Western Michigan University Herald, More Guns Won't Make You Safer. The claim that everyone is able to defend themselves - that they can instantly turn into a stone-cold killer, that they will be in a position to respond effectively, that they will hit their target - is something that should be challenged. 

It's That Easy

One of the missions of States United to Prevent Gun Violence is to educate supporters on the issues of gun violence because we know that increased awareness is the first and most important step toward creating positive social behavior around gun violence.  

Please consider forwarding the GVP Report to friends and family - this alone, is a step toward creating a healthier America!

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

Donald Trump's new gun policy lines up perfectly with the NRA's agenda.  In 2000, Trump supported the ban on assault weapons but his newly released policy paper on guns is a full-throated endorsement of the NRA's wish list.

► Jeb Bush promotes his record on guns by claiming, "In Florida we have a background check." But he never mentions the private gun transfers, with no background check, that are legal in the state.

► The Florida legislator who brought America the Stand Your Ground/Shoot First law has just introduced a bill that would set a new legal standard for establishing when self-defense claims can block prosecutors from taking a case to trial.

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