Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Study Finds More Guns, More Gun Crimes

CeasefireUSA: The GVP Report - August 4, 2015

In The News

► A study published in the August issue of the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, Firearm Ownership and Violent Crime in the U.S., finds that higher ownership of guns in a state is linked to more firearm robberies, more firearm assaults and more homicides in general. "We found no support for the hypothesis that owning guns leads to a drop or a reduction in violence crime," said researcher Michael Monuteaux. "Instead we found the opposite."

► A new study from the Congressional Research Service,Mass Murder with Firearms: Incidents and Victims, 1999-2013, finds that "the prevalence, if not the deadliness, of "mass public shootings" increased in the 1970s and 1980s, and continued to increase during the 1990s, 2000s, and first four years of the 2010s.

► A Florida state Supreme Court ruled that defendants using the Stand Your Ground/Shoot First defense must prove they are entitled to immunity, instead of prosecutors proving they weren't.  A report from the Center for American Progress, Jeb Bush's License to Kill, looks at the impact the Stand Your Ground/Shoot First law has had on Florida and the 24 states that have also enacted the law.

► A federal appeals court upheld a controversial Florida law that restricts doctors from asking questions and recording information about patients' gun ownership. Dubbed the "docs vs. Glocks" law, the measure includes a series of restrictions on doctors.

Emmy BetzUniversity of Colorado Hospital emergency physician Emmy Betz, How To Talk About Guns and Suicide. Betz shares her experience at the nexus of conversations about trauma, guns and suicide.

Congress quietly voted to extend a ban on gun-violence research One week after the tragic shooting at Charleston's Emanual AME Church, the House Appropriations Committee voted 32-19 against an amendment that would have lifted the 19 year-old ban on funding for the Center for Disease Control to research the causes of gun violence as a public-health issue.

► What happened to the $1.3 Billion Congress approved to improve federal gun background checks? The NICS Improvement Amendment Act of 2008 was intended to improve lapses in state record keeping. But almost 90 percent of that money has never been spent.

The scarcity of guns for purchase in New York and the lack of heroin in Vermont allows gun traffickers to make a significant profit on guns. In Vermont you can legally buy a gun through a private sale at a gun show, yard sale, or from a private sale online. If you are willing to break the law you can drive the weapon to NY and sell if for triple the price.

► Retired U.S. Army General Russel Honore tells reporters that America is mired in a state of denial about its gun culture and that's harming the country. "We've confused the right to bear arms with the right to carry arms all the time anywhere or anyplace you want."

One year later, a mother still seeks justice in her daughter's death. Donna Bryan's daughter, Katherine, was shot in the head when her husband's friend discharged his gun while showing off a Western-style quick-draw twirl he had been practicing. Katherine, who was five months pregnant, died of her injuries.  Prosecutors declined to press charges against the shooter.

Community Support

► We the PeopleEvery Monday We the People for Sensible Gun Laws holds a vigil in front of the White House Last week they were joined by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes and D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. "We the people decide what the Second Amendment means and we insist on strong legislation around gun control."

Paris, Bay Area hip-hop artist, Guns Are Killing My Community. Guns are ravaging the black community. But without reform of our gun laws, and an acknowledgement that people are dying while the gun industry profits, this will continue to be my community's holocaust. 

Sarah Clements, Generation Progress, wrote An Open Letter to Amy Schumer imploring her to join the gun violence prevention movement.  Schumer responds by joining her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer, at a press conference to help him announce a new plan to crack down on mass shootings and gun violence in America.

► The Conversation, How big tobacco gifted campaigns of misdirection and misinformation to the gun lobby. By the 1980s, having seen the success of the tobacco campaign that sought to distort rather than engage debates, the NRA hardened its position.

KL Johnson, Progressive Press, A Gun Walks Into A Bar ..... We do not have to live with this affliction, this sickness, these knee-jerk, asinine reactions when a mass shooting occurs. Repeal the godforsaken Second Amendment. There, I said it.

Nico Lang, Salon, America's white masculinity complex and the myth of the "senseless" mass shooting. What is senseless about a man with a record of violence against women, who publicly espouses misogynistic views, shooting up a movie theater that's screening a movie starring and written by a feminist icon in an audience that was predominantly women? Nothing.

Bill Mefford, The Hill, The House's Hypocrisy. Despite numerous horrific, tragic events, Congress has done absolutely nothing to prevent gun shootings from happening again and again. The House of Representatives is simply not interested in public safety.

Mike McIntire, NY Times Sunday Review, What Makes a Shooter Do It? Guns are great equalizers, especially for people with limited voice, people on the fringes of society who may be rejected by peers. Many shooters turn out to be people who are looking for something larger than their own small lives.

Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker, Obama's Evolving Outrage On Guns. During his Presidency, he's gone from a kind of rote acknowledgment of the issue to a deeply felt recognition of its centrality. Seeing the President's metamorphosis suggests that, as the old song had it, a change is going to come.

Eric Conrad, Florida Politics, We're Just Haggling Over Price. The Gun Lobby walks up to the American People and asks "Would you allow me to sell as many of my products in an unregulated manner, including to the mentally unstable and criminally minded, if it only cost you a few tens of thousands of deaths a year?" The People respond: "Of course. No one should limit our liberty." The Gun Lobby then asks: "What if that included an average of two mass shootings a month in elementary schools, movie theaters, and places of worship?" "Of course not!" the People respond. "We value the lives of innocent citizens.  What kind of country to do take us for?" Gun Lobby: "We've already established that. Now we're just haggling over price."

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► In June, Colt Holding Company filed for bankruptcy protection, citing $269 million in unsecured debt. The company's most famous product was the single-action pistol known as the "Peacemaker" (the Colt .45) issued to U.S. Calvary during the Civil Way. Colt's union is asking the state of Connecticut to give financial support to the company.  Colt employes 610 people in West Hartford, CT.

► The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the lobbying organization of gun manufacturers and dealers, has rejected a call from Democratic senators and police organizations to delayed guns sales beyond three days to people who haven't been cleared by the NICS background system.

► There has been a big shift in how 2016 Republican candidates talk about their personal guns. Candidates are shifting from talking about enjoying firearms as sporting tools to elevating guns as mystical guarantors of freedom and safety.

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