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#ImUnloading Against Gun Violence

CeasefireUSA: The GVP Report - March 17, 2015

In The News

#ImUnloadingEntertainment icon Snoop Dogg and tech leader Ron Conway declare #ImUnloading against gun violence. The new PSA, from States United to Prevent Gun Violence and Campaign to Unload, is part of Unload Your 401k campaign to divest from the gun industry and asks, is your 401k invested in  guns?

► A new study in JAMA Pediatrics  analyzed suicides among people aged 10 to 24 and found that suicide rates were nearly doubled in rural areas, compared to urban areas. Gun suicides were nearly three times more common in rural areas. This may be because gun ownership is high in rural regions.

► NY Times, Blocking the Paths to Suicide. Suicide can be a very impulsive act, especially among the young. While mental health and substance abuse treatment must always be components in treating suicidality, researchers are stressing another avenue: "means restriction." More attention needs to paid to access to guns.

America has more guns in fewer hands than ever before. Data released from the General Social Survey shows that in 2014, the number of American households owning guns remained at 40-year lows. Guns were present in fewer than a third of U.S. households.

► A federal appeals court upheld Sunnyvale, CA ban on possessing ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds.  The court ruled that evidence indicates large-capacity magazines "results in more gunshots fired, results in more gunshot wounds per victim, and increased the lethality of gunshot injuries."

Bill Badger Bill Badger, hero during Gabby Giffords shooting, died due to complications from pneumonia. He was 78.  Badger helped subdue the gunman who shot and killed six people and wounded 13 others. After the incident, Badger and his wife embarked on a three-year journey across the country to push for stronger gun laws.

President Obama's commitment to common-sense gun regulations is as strong as ever, even though his administration is delaying a proposal to ban a type of armor-piercing ammunition.

Florida may rethink "bullets in the backyard."  In 2011, the FL Legislature, with help from the NRA, approved a law imposing fines on local governments that set their own gun laws. Law enforcement officers could also be fined $5,000.  Since that time anyone can set up a shooting range and shoot into a berm of dirt in their backyard.

A bipartisan group from the U.S. Congress introduced legislation to expand background checks on gun purchasers Republican Rep. Peter King, NY and Democratic Rep. Mike Thompson, CA, co-authored the legislation.

Community Support

Child's Requiem Composer Steven Sametz's "Child's Requiem" is a special piece of music to honor the Sandy Hook victims. Sametz also reached out to elementary school kids across the country for their stories about the impact of gun violence.

Don of All Trades, A Senseless Death.....  "The officer fought through the angry crowd and put a dying 5-year-old boy he didn't know in his car. Did he have to do that? No. Still, it didn't matter on this night. Five years shouldn't be anyone's time."

Benjamin Corey, Patheos.com,I'm Not Scared of Muslims, I'm Scared of White Guys With Guns. I'm scared of the weirdos who take their AR15s shopping with them at Walmart just to prove a point, who are advocating that anyone should be allowed to carry a concealed gun without any type of permit or training.

► Metro.us, The makers of 'The Hunting Ground' on campus sexual assault and the gun controversy. The directors discuss their latest activist documentary and say the idea that guns on campus could stop sexual assaults is "ridiculous."

Shorr photoSlate.com, All of These People Survived Being Shot. Since 2013, Kathy Shorr has photographed 51 people around the country. Most of the images were taken at the spot where the subjects were shot. Shorr hopes to turn the work into a book and traveling exhibition.

Justin Peters, Stop Calling Children's Gun Deaths "Accidental" They're the fault of criminally negligent parents and guardians - who must be prosecuted. "Accidental" implies that nobody is at fault. But you can absolutely predict tragic outcomes from irresponsible gun storage practices, and you can easily assign blame.

Francis Clines, NY Times, The Final Post-Mortem on Sandy Hook. The 277-page report  to Gov. Malloy concludes that there is "no legitimate place in the civilian population" for high-powered battlefield rifles and large-capacity ammunition magazines designed for the military.

Kasai Rex, Fear and the Gun Lobby. The common American delusion that a gun is the key to safety in an inherently unsafe world is not only fallacious; it's dangerous.

The G- WordThe Daily Show, The G- Word. Jordan Klepper travels to Florida to investigate legislation that prevents doctors from discussing gun safety with their patients.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

The NRA's stranglehold threatens the whole world. In addition to its outsize influence on American politics, the NRA influences U.S, foreign policy as well - specifically, the implementation of international treaties. 

Gun bill would tie hands of Arizona voters.  State lawmakers are moving to deny future legislatures - and even future voters - the power to mandate background checks on the private sale of guns.

► Radio show host Alex Jones brandished an assault weapon and criticized a gun safety PSA as a "full out assault on the basic underpinnings of this country" during a recent broadcast.

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