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Precious Lives

CeasefireUSA: The GVP Report - January 20, 2015

In The News

Precious LivesPrecious Lives is a two-year project about young people and gun violence in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.  371 Productions will produce 100 weekly public radio reports. Each story ends with a clear way that listeners can get involved or find help. Community partners include Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort.  Listen to the first story: How do you measure the loss of a five-year-old girl?

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder vetoed a bill that could have given concealed weapons permits to persons subject to restraining orders in stalking or domestic abuse cases.

ShotSpotter technology helps to combat gun violence in Springfield, MA. Total crime was down 19 percent last year and incidents of gunfire logged by acoustic sensors are down by 50 percent. ShotSpotter said gunfire incidents declined by more than 20 percent in the 31 U.S. communities that use the technology.

To reduce gun violence, know thy neighbor.Yale University researchers found that the more closely knit people reported their neighborhood to be, the less exposure to violence they had.

U.S. House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force announces vice-chairs in 114th Congress.  Task force chair Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA) announces 11 vice chairs. Thompson said they "have a wide range of expertise and will bring unique ides to the table as we work to reduce and prevent gun violence."

► If the trend continues, deaths by guns will overtake deaths caused by cars in America this year. The Center for American Progress looking at data from the Center for Disease Control first spotted this trend. Bloomberg Government also compiled data, concluding that guns will be deadlier than cars for all age groups.

Terrorism the media overlooks. The media reports on terrorist plots in the Middle East and radical Islamists but often steers clear of white, homegrown, Christian-based anti-government radicals in the U.S.  A recent plot to blow up a police station in Atlanta, GA was virtually un-covered by the mainstream media.

Why the CDC still isn't researching gun violence, despite the ban being lifted two years ago. President Obama requested $10 million for the CDC's gun violence research in his last two budgets. But the Republican-controlled House has continued to block the funding.

Community Support

Troy PrestonDan Rodricks, Baltimore Sun, How did accused parking-space killer get guns? Troy Preston was shot to death over a parking spot while his 4-year-old son watched. Where did the accused killer, a convicted felon get the guns? If he bought his guns and ammunition, then the sellers should be held criminally liable.

Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes, The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Ownership. Despite having nearly no academic support in public health literature, the myth that millions of gun owners successfully use their firearms to defend themselves and their families from criminals is the single largest motivation behind gun ownership.

Todd Frankel, Washington Post, The study that gun-rights activists keep citing but completely misunderstand. The National Academies' Institute of Medicine and National Research Council's study clearly makes the case for why more gun-violence research is needed. But gun-rights supporters zero in on just a few statements and ignore the overall point that injuries and deaths involving firearms are a pressing public health problem.

Jennifer O'Connell, Irish Times, Worried about gun violence? Have a lollipop. There are many things I love about living in the US, but my children having to do a drill "in case a crazy person ever breaks into our school" isn't one of them.

Victoria Lewis, The Oregonian, Kids should talk about guns in school. Kids don't need another lecture from adults. They need to hear what their peers think, the ones who hate guns, the ones who love them and the ones who haven't decided.

► Editorial, Daily Times, Primos, PA, Act 192 is Pa.'s shameful gift to gun lobby.  The new law allows gun advocates to sue PA cities that enact their own gun control ordinances. They don't even have to show they have been harmed by the ordinances. Last Wednesday, the NRA did not waste any time exploiting the outrageous law and filed suit against Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Lancaster.

Debbie Smith, Nevada state senator, Nevada needs expanded gun checks. Last June a Las Vegas shooting left three people dead. One of the shooters used Facebook to buy a rifle despite having numerous felony convictions. Closing the background check loophole would help keep felons like him from getting guns.

Dan Simpson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Whitewashing the gun lobby. The NRA is not about protecting the Second Amendment, it's about selling guns. The PBS "Frontline" piece "Gunned Down" was inadequate, to the point of raising my suspicions that it was involved in a whitewashing of the NRA.

Lynda Waddington, The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Why your gun makes me nervous.  I am angered by lawmakers and gun advocates who preach blind trust in the same breath as they extol the dangers of society as their reason for needing to carry a weapon in a bookstore.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► A group of gun enthusiasts took weapons into the Washington state House gallery to protest a new voter-approved gun background-check law. In response, Lt. Gov. Owen announced the public will no longer be able to openly carry guns in the chambers. He said it didn't make sense to allow people to openly carry firearms while banning backpacks, signs and umbrellas.

► A Texas gun rights group reenacted the Paris massacre with "armed civilians" and everyone still died. The only time the "armed civilian" survived was when the volunteer playing him ran away.

► A proposed South Carolina bill would require all public school students to take an NRA-approved gun rights course "for at least three consecutive weeks during one grading period in each academic year."

► Attorneys general from 26 states filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court over a San Francisco ordinance requiring locked storage for handguns, arguing it threatens the Second Amendment right to bear arms. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier declared the burden of storage was small in the face of ample evidence that storing handguns in a locked container reduces the risk of deaths.

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