Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cities Find New Ways to Go After Gun Violence

CeasefireUSA: The GVP Report - September 16, 2014

In The News

Philadelphia mayorGoverning Magazine. With gun control legislation failing at the federal level, cities get creative and find new ways to address gun violence. Hampered by preemption laws, cities shift away from going after weapons themselves to a new focus on curtailing their unsafe use.

Sept. 16 marks the first anniversary of the Navy Yard shooting that killed 12 and left three injured. Jennifer Bennett carries an eight-inch scar from that day. "I'm a warrior and a survivor," she declares. "I have a determination not to give in."

17-year-old Kai Kloepfer from Boulder, CO just won the $50,000 Smart Tech for Firearms Challenge for his smart gun prototype, a gun that unlocks with your fingerprint.  However, some recipients in the $1 million contest have chosen to remain anonymous due to fear of a gun rights-fueled backlash.

► A Chronicle of Higher Education investigative report finds that at least 117 colleges have acquired equipment from the Department of Defense including grenade launchers, M-16 assault rifles and armored vehicles.

► Art HayhoeArthur Hayhoe was a tireless advocate for stronger gun laws. As the director of Floridians for Gun Safety, he fought for more background checks and against Florida's deadly Stand Your Ground/Shoot First law.  Art died this week at age 82.  He will be missed.

► Pro Publica, The Hidden Cost of Gun Violence: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Thousand of Americans in high-violence neighborhoods have develop PTSD. 24-year-old Aireana and her children are among the few who've been able to get treatment.

"Active Shooter" drills spark legal complaints. Critics say the simulation exercises can traumatize those taking part. Some experts say recreating the chaos of a mass shooting is no way to prime for emergencies.

► Social Science Research Network, The Impact of Right to Carry Laws and the NRC Report, Abhay Aneja et al. New study finds that the strongest evidence of a statistically significant effect of RTC laws is an increase in aggravated assault crimes.

► Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigative report, In greater numbers, Georgia killers, child molesters free to arm. A growing number of violent offenders have received pardons that restore gun rights. Last year 31 percent of gun-rights pardons went to violent felony offenders.

► Urban Institute, State Variation in Hospital Use and Cost of Firearm Assault Injury, 2010, Embry Howell et al. New study finds that national gun violence costs totaled $670 million in 2010, with most of the cost being paid for by the public. And that males - especially black males - are more likely to be victims of firearm assault.

► Charleston Post and Courier seven-part series on domestic violence in South Carolina, Till Death Do Us Part. Awash in guns, saddled with ineffective laws and lacking enough shelters, South Carolina is a state where the deck is stacked against women trapped in the cylce of abuse.

Community Support

► Australian Jim Jefferiesstand up comedian Jim Jefferies, Baretalks about something that sort of splits the crowd a little bit, gun control. Powerful routine, but beware, much profanity used. 

Salt Lake City Tribune, Editorial, Utah gun accident shows danger of guns on campus. People who think it makes a school safer to allow teachers, janitors and lunch room ladies to pack heat on campus have watched way too many James Bond movies.

Alice Speri, Vice News, The last thing Missouri needs is more guns, but that's exactly what it's getting. Republican lawmakers override the governor's veto and vote to expand open carry and lower the age for concealed weapon permits. The state has recently been at the heart of a national controversy over the killing of unarmed 18-year-old Michale Brown by Ferguson police.

Amanda Gailey, Salon, "Wretched, disgusting commie leftists": My nightmare fighting gun nuts in a red state. Want to understand why it's so hard to win the most basic gun safety reform? Here's how the debate so often goes.

Los Angeles Times, Editorial, A reasonable gun measure prompted by Isla Vista rampage.  The measure, approved by the Legislature, would let relatives seek a court order to remove weapons from a family member who displays signs of violence.

Mike The Gun Guy,  Guns sales have tanked and here's the reason why. While the gun industry tried to explain the surge in sales as new customers, the hard, cold facts are that most of the sales were to people who already owned guns and were sensitive that gun legislation might take their precious toys away.

Chad MacDonald, Forward Progressives, Gun fanatics are creeping my Facebook profile. Mark Kessler, gun rights advocate, came to my profile, found a picture with my family to comment about his guns underneath of, and then followed a tag to my wife's profile. He did not find me randomly, he came looking for me.

Bill GatesCliff Schecter, Daily Beast, The NRA pissed off the wrong nerd genius. Bill Gates is donating $1 million to Initiative 594 in Washington state, a ballot initiative for universal background checks - and there's more where that came from.

Leonard Pitts, Jr, Miami Herald, U.S. is exceptional - and stupid, too. A 9-year-old girl unintentionally shot and killed a gun range instructor: What kind of shooting range allows a prepubescent girl to fire an Uzi? What kind of parents think it's a good idea? And what kind of idiot country does not prohibit such things by law?

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► Rob Cox, Buzz Feed, My Year in the NRA.  I grew up and raised my family in Newtown, CT - and own guns. After 26 of my neighbors were massacred, I signed up to see how the organization that controls our gun debates works.

► Alabama Today, Where in Alabama are residents most heavily armed?  A county-by-county analysis of concealed weapons permits, plus 17 gun owners tell why they carry.

► A group of heavily-armed Arizona border militia members mistook conservationists researching bats for illegal immigrants or smugglers. The militia group, from Colorado, was armed and wearing camouflage when it stopped the researchers.

► Don Gonyear, National Public Radio, Guns boom in 2014 campaign ads. This year lots of ads are featuring candidates with firearms shooting at things: TVs, drones, copies of the Affordable Care Act.

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