Tuesday, July 8, 2014

If we had universal background checks, guns wouldn't kill so many people

CeasefireUSA: The GVP Report - July 8, 2014

In The News

Missouri graphDaniel Webster professor of public health at Johns Hopkins University, talks with the New Republic, Guns Kill People. And If We Had Universal Background Checks, They Wouldn't Kill So Many. "Without universal background check requirements, there is little deterrent to selling guns to criminals or gun traffickers."

► New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have banned ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds saying "I will not support such a trivial approach to the sanctity of human life." Hours before his decision families from Newtown delivered a petition with 55,000 signatures asking him to sign the bill.

► A new Quinnipiac University poll finds that 92 percent of American voters, including gun owners, support requiring background checks for all gun sales.

► In a University of Washington study, Dr. Frederick Rivara finds that hospital patients with gunshot wounds are 11 times more likely to die from gun violence within five years. Those who had a prior arrest for gun-related or violent crime were 43 times more likely to be slain within the next five years than those without either.

► A Louisiana court ruled a new amendment to the state constitution guaranteeing the right to bear arms does not allow convicted felons to possess firearms. A federal judge upheld Colorado's new stronger gun laws that mandate background checks for all gun sales and limit ammunition magazines to 15 rounds.

Georgia school leaders are turning down a new option to arm teachers, saying it doesn't make kids safer and creates new problems. The first day of Georgia's new guns everywhere law saw a gun draw-down between two men openly carrying guns in a local store.

One hundred sixty-three U.S. House Democrats signed a letter to Speaker Boehner demanding that he allow "a vote on substantive legislation to address gun violence."

► Chicago area Congresswoman Robin Kelly released The 2014 Kelly Report on Gun Violence in America the first-ever Congressional analysis of the nation's gun violence epidemic that offers a blueprint for ending the crisis.

► Experts offer solutions on how to stop mass shootings. Solutions include gun violence restraining orders, assisted outpatient treatment and violent misdemeanor convictions as disqualification for gun purchase and possession.

Community Support

Let the Children LiveThe Milwaukee, Wisconsin Clarke Street Boys & Girls Club teens helped to create a psa, Let The Children Live. It is dedicated to 10-year-old Sierra who was shot and wounded on the playground where the video was filmed.

Tammerlin Drummond, Oakland Tribune, A Boston group, LIPSTICK (Ladies Involved in Putting a Stop To Inner-City Killings) focuses not on the men doing most of the shooting but on the women who buy guns for them. The idea is to educate women about the dangers of buying or hiding guns for men in their lives.

Shaun Wallace, Liberal America, A British Guy goes Off On The American Gun Culture (With Citations). We honestly do not understand your love affair with the gun. How a modern western democracy has such stupid gun laws is scary. America is so insular they don't notice.

Himat Batra, Journal Star, Peoria, Illinois, If Past Is Prologue, There's Hope for Gun Control. We should always remember that vested interests never forego their privileges easily.  Some successful struggles of the past - the abolition of slavery, the Civil Rights Movements, women's suffrage - testify to that.

► New Jersey Jewish Standard, Local Rabbi Takes Aim at Gun Violence Prevention. Rabbi Joel Mosbacher is leveraging the purchasing power of cities and states - who buy 40 percent of the guns in the country - to pressure gun manufacturers to create safer gun distribution standards. "So far we've got 30 jurisdictions signing on to the campaign."

Marie Crandall, Associate Professor of Surgery at Northwestern U., What Isn't funny About the Accidental Penis Shooting. The issue of unintentional firearm injuries and the attendant burden of death and disability is not really funny at all.

Iulia Filip, The Atlantic, Doctors' Role in Stopping Gun Violence. With proper training and guidelines, physicians could determine who is fit to carry a gun. Doctors are qualified to do this, but they need guidance. The problem is there is currently no standardized national protocol for assessments.

Sally Lieber, Palo Alto Online, Stemming the tide of gun violence. Instead of acquiescing to the gun industry, we can take action in our own communities. We can continue to hold Congress accountable but still move forward. Strong, common-sense measures to deter gun violence can - and must - be advanced in every local community.

► Thoughts At Large blog, An Open Letter Response to Millionaire LaPierre. You seed paranoia to sell guns, blame the consequences on everything else and cash your checks. To you I say: There is change coming. It will not happen overnight or without great pain, but change is coming.

Ann Friedman, New York Magazine, The Scary Reason Some Men Like Guns Better Than Women. The headlines have come to reflect the message in a way that is chillingly consistent: These men control guns. These men wish they controlled women. These men use guns to control women. What was once perceived as the stuff of women's-studies classes has become routine news analysis.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► Rob Astorino, a Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York, is featured on a billboard in the Finger Lakes asking "Would you rather Register to Vote or register Your Guns? The billboard targets voters who want to repeal the SAFE Act, the state's new, strong gun laws.

Open Carry Texas goes for 'In Your Face' approach to the gun debate.  CJ Grisham, a 20-year Army veteran, leads the group of gun-carrying activists who carry around assault rifles in public. Grisham says he still battles with PTSD from his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, including the memories of the seven people he says he killed in combat.

Waitresses at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado openly carry loaded handguns on the job. A sign on the front door reads: Guns are welcome on premises. Please keep all weapons holstered unless need arises. In such case, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.