Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The NRA's Very Bad Year at the Supreme Court

CeasefireUSA: The GVP Report - June 24, 2014

In The News

Supreme Court The U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision upholding a law that forbids lying about buying a gun for someone else is only the latest in a string of setbacks the high court has dealt the gun lobby. Mother Jones looks at the NRA's very bad year. 

►"You Allow Your Heart to Be Broken Every Day."  Families of shooting victims describe the struggle of lobbying for stronger gun laws and how they keep going. 

► Two important new reports about women and gun violence:  Guns and Violence Against Women from Everytown for Gun Safety gives a summary of domestic violence laws in all 50 states and uncovers gaps in the law that are particularly harmful to women.  Women Under the Gun from the Center for American Progress looks at how gun violence affects women and offers four policy solutions to better protect them. 

Gun TracesWhere Do Guns Traced in Your State Come From?  Using data from the ATF, Pro Publica maps firearm traces in each state for 2012, including both imports and exports. 

States With Weaker Gun Laws and Higher Gun Ownership Lead Nation in Gun Deaths.  Violence Policy Center analysis of new data from the CDC highlights the importance of state legislation to prevent gun violence. 

'Gun Violence Restraining Order' Idea May Get Traction, Experts Predict. California Healthline looks at newly proposed state legislation to create a clear path of action for police to search for and confiscate weapons if they believe individuals could be a threat. 

Annals of Epidemiology,  Mental Illness and Reduction of Gun Violence and Suicide, Jeffrey Swanson et al. The researchers found that mass murderers with mental health problems, while they receive a tremendous amount of media attention, are not typical of those who commit violent crimes, and the vast majority of those with serious mental illness do not engage in violent acts. 

The U.S. House of Representatives Actually Managed to Pass a Gun Safety Bill.  The House passed a small appropriation that will improve the NICS database used to conduct background checks on gun sales.  Click here to see the roll call vote.

Unload Your 401kThe Unload Your 401k campaign from States United to Prevent Gun Violence and the Campaign to Unload won three awards, a Titanium Lion, Silver Lion and Bronze Lion, at the Cannes Lions 2014 festival. Is your 401k invested in public gun companies? Find out here

David Wheeler, invited by the International Action Network on Small Arms, speaks to member states at the Fifth Biennial Meeting of States on small arms and light weapons at the United Nations. Wheeler's son Benjamin was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting.

Community Support

Peniel Joseph, The Root, Gun Violence is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time. We betray the legacy of the civil rights movement - and fail to value black life - if we don't take steps to end gun violence. 

► Dean Obeidallah, Daily Beast, It's Time to Think Big or Shut Up on Gun Control. What can be done that's different? Here are a few suggestions. Some are activities already happening that need more support, while others are more long-term ideas.

Mike Weisser, Mike the Gun Guy, Concealed Carry Laws Don't Decrease Gun Violence -- But the NRA Continues to Say the Opposite. The "decrease" in gun violence in this country ended in 2002.  The rate of fatalities and injuries has slightly increased since then while the number of states that now issue ccw has roughly doubled since 2002. 

Arkadi Gerney, Think Progress, Chicago: Cesspool of Gun Crime or Victim of Gun Laws in Neighboring States?  Chicago is not the "murder capital" of the U.S., it ranks nowhere close to the top. 60% of guns recovered in crimes in Chicago originated in other states.

The Colbert Report Stephen Colbert,  The Colbert Report, Open-Carry Backlash. "I'm sad to report that the response to the Chipotle chiprotest was for a whole slew of restaurants to suppress gun lovers." 

Evan DeFillippis, Slate, Guns Kill Children. The overwhelming evidence that pediatricians are right and the NRA is wrong. The empirical evidence indicates that the presence of a gun makes children less safe. 

Washington Post editorial, No Place is Safe Under America's Gun Policy. That's because Congress refuses - even in the face of increasingly frequent shootings - to even consider, let alone enact, any kind of responsible gun control. 

Adam Weinstein, Gawker, It's Really Hard to Be a Good Guy With a Gun. I was a typical gun person, in that I believed myself better trained than my peers, as good as a cop. But what proof did I have? And what risk was I willing to take? When my son was born, all of my questions suddenly had a very basic answer. Now, all my guns live with my father. 

Reno Berkeley, All Voices New Mexico, Stronger Gun Laws Could Lead to Fewer Gun-Related Suicides. In less than one year, my family has been hit by three suicides. Three different beautiful people. And they all had one thing in common: They ended their lives with guns.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a law that expands on the state's Stand Your Ground/Shoot First rules to allow people to brandish weapons and fire warning shoots if they feel threatened

The devious, NRA-backed plan to turn Missouri into the wild west for gun owners. A ballot question sounds simple enough, but if it passes, it will turn Missouri into a virtual free-for-all for firearms. 

Gun researcher John Lott relies on falsehoods to downplay the gun violence threat to women.  In an effort to discredit Moms Demand Action, Lott uses misleading claims and comparisons.