Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Media fails when it comes to reporting on new gun laws

CeasefireUSA: The GVP Report - May 13, 2014

In The News

Tacking State Gun LawsA new report from Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Tracking State Gun Laws, finds recent media narratives on new state gun laws are far from accurate. And that 8 states have made very significant changes to strengthen gun regulation while only 4 states have enacted laws that significantly weakened gun regulation.

States Move to Keep Guns Out of the Hands of Domestic Abusers. Lawmakers in Minnesota and Louisiana overwhelmingly passed bills this month barring people convicted of domestic violence from possessing or purchasing guns.

Chris Hayes reportsChris Hayes, MSNBC, reports on the gun the NRA doesn't want sold. There is a legal, smart firearm that could be a game-changer for gun safety. And thanks to the NRA, you can't buy it.

Waseca, Minnesota, Dad Agonizes Over Son's Dark Side. David LaDue questions himself about the signs he might have missed after his son is charged with plotting to kill his family and massacre as many people as he could with bombs and guns at the local junior and senior high school.

► New report from Center for American Progress, Oil and Gas Industry Investments in the NRA and Safari Club International: Reshaping American Energy, Land and Wildlife Policy, looks at how the growing influence of the oil and gas industry is influencing the NRA to lobby against American land and wildlife conservation.

Montana killing: Deadly clash of teenage mischief, pot and self-defense?The killing of a German exchange student renews international criticism of US 'stand your ground/shoot first' self-defense laws. 

How Chicago is using psychotherapy to fight crime - and winning. The program is called Becoming a Man and consists of weekly sessions with groups of no more than 15 high school boys.

U.S. Supreme Court declines to consider a challenge to New Jersey law that restricts most residents from carrying concealed handguns in public The court lets stand a lower court ruling upholding the law that requires citizens prove a "justifiable need" to carry a gun in public.

Community Support

Turning guns into symbol of peace Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC, Using art to turn guns into a symbol of peace. Ryan Feeney, an Indianapolis firefighter and artist  is using guns to sculpt a dove shaped memorial for homicide victims using more than 150 confiscated guns.

Philip Cook and Kristin Goss, The Gun Debate: What Everyone Needs to Know. This new book thoroughly covers the latest research, data and developments on gun ownership, gun violence, the firearms industry and the regulation of firearms.

Michael Vincent, Australian news correspondent, No Sense in US Gun Violence, can't understand "why no one in this country is shocked that a child not only has access to a gun but will use it to take a life."

Heather Digby Parton, Salon.com,"Look at my gun!" Why NRA's scary "open carry" craze is not about freedom. Freedom for a man with a gun trumps freedom for parents of kids who feel endangered by him. Our scary new reality.

The Daily ShowJon Stewart, The Daily Show, Gunny Delight, examines the notion that guns are part of the solution to current cultural disagreements. No matter what the question, the answer is always "that's why you need a gun."

Saul Cornell, Fordham University, History and 'Heller': The Past as a Two-Edged Sword. In D.C. v. Heller, Justice Scalia engaged in a revisionist exercise, rewriting history to further his ideological agenda. Heller's misuse of history borders on the scandalous.

Joe Henderson, The Tampa, Florida Tribune,For NRA, even minor setback means war.  After the state Senate votes down an NRA backed bill, their lobbyist attacks the Florida Sheriffs Association that testified against the bill.

Jeff Beer, Fast Company, Are Your Retirement Investments Helping Gun Companies?  A new psa can tell you and help you get your money out.

David Frum, The Atlantic, Why gun-rights backers win while other conservative causes lose. The NRA offers an outlet for the right's cultural anxieties that is clothed in a populist message of empowerment.

Chad MacDonald, Quiet Mike, John Lott: The Key to Defeating Gun Lobbies. We need to silence the man most responsible for the misinformation being spread about gun control.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

►  Gun bans in state Capitols but not bars draw cries of hypocrisy. The push to permit guns in more public areas largely ends at the doors of America's statehouses.

The NRA just created its own Netflix to convince young people that guns are cool. The NRA would like you to meet Colion Noir. He's the host of their new show which premieres May 11 on NRA Freestyle. This is just one of the new shows the NRA plans to launch.

6 Crazy Campaign Ads with Candidates Shooting Guns at Things. These six candidates decided it was important to let the voting public know that in addition to their other qualifications, they're also pretty handy with guns. 

► Missouri House passed a bill to allow more individuals to use deadly force in self-defense. Unlike Stand Your Ground/Shoot First laws, the basis for this bill is not fear of imminent death or great bodily harm but rather protecting against "unlawful entry."  The bill could allow babysitters, bar patrons and shoppers to use deadly force.


  1. "Chris Hayes, MSNBC, reports on the gun the NRA doesn't want sold. There is a legal, smart firearm that could be a game-changer for gun safety. And thanks to the NRA, you can't buy it." - good in the sense that it has a 10% failure rate, is not a gun suitable for any self/home defense role. Has no drop safety specs. Extremely over priced and is not a serious offering. So, if the NRA had a part to play in exposing this scam, then "yea team" for protecting the gun and penitential gun owners,