Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Supreme Court rules 9-0 in domestic violence gun possession case

The GVP Report - April 1, 2014

In The News

Supreme Court rulingIn a 9-0 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court strengthened a federal law that bars anyone convicted of domestic violence from possessing a gun.

► In other court rulings, a federal appeals court in California upheld a San Francisco ordinance that requires handgun owners to keep their weapons locked up and a a city code that prohibits the sale of hollow-point bullets. Also, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin judge ruled in favor of two police officers in their lawsuit against Badger Guns. The ruling clears the way for the case to go to trial.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a law that allows a judge to require someone with a history of domestic violence and who is under a restraining order to surrender their guns. Inslee called the bill a sign that "we can do common-sense things here around gun violence."

Pittsburgh pastor Glenn Grayson honored by President Obama as one of the Champions of Change. Rev. Grayson is one of nine grassroots leaders who will be honored for taking critical steps to reduce gun violence in their communities.

► Darryl Levings, Kansas City, Missouri, Star investigative report, Dangerous consequences: Preserve a mental health patient's gun rights, or protect the public? Looks at the struggle to balance privacy and gun rights against public and patient safety. 

► GunCrisis.org, Annual murder and shooting analysis released; Outlines great progress and vast challenges in Philadelphia. 2013 data from the Philadelphia police shows a tremendous gun violence reduction but once again young black men were vastly overrepresented among the continuing victims.

► Media Matters, Florida journalists: Stand Your Ground/Shoot First changes will hurt reporting. Proposed changes to Florida law will make it far more difficult to report on cases involving the controversial Stand Your Ground/Shoot First law.

Community Support

Piers Morgan Piers Morgan concluded his final CNN show with one final plea for stronger gun laws. "Now it's down to you," he said. "It is your country. These are your gun laws. And the senseless slaughter will only end when enough Americans stand together and cry, 'Enough!'"

Pooja Bhatia, Ozy.com, A Well-Regulated Militia. Most Americans support stronger gun laws, but legislation doesn't pass. Cities are looking to do an end run around legislative impasse. Police departments purchase a significant number of guns, why not leverage that buying power to influence the gun industry?

► WTXF-TV, Company Fighting Newark Gun Violence Helps Teen Go To School. Jewelry For A Cause takes guns from the streets of Newark through gun buy backs, melts them down and turns them into bracelets stamped with the serial numbers of the guns from which they came.

Jay Bookman, Atlanta, Georgia Journal-Constitution, A guided tour of 'nation's most extreme gun bill.'  I have to think that many who voted for the bill last week have to be secretly appalled by what they have done, what they lacked the guts to stop. All they knew was that this was a gun bill, and on gun bills you vote yes, without regard to its contents or impact.

Tim Steller, Arizona Daily Star, Protect kids from guns? Arizona legislators won't hear of it. State lawmakers are deep in the weeds of expanding gun rights, but an effort to protect kids from unsecured loaded guns is impossible to even discuss. "Their priorities are all messed up," said one state rep. "I swear we're going to have personhood for guns or voting rights for guns soon."

Guns, Grief and grace documentary project Three-part facilitated discussion series on gun violence in America comes to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The discussion will be held at Frank Zeidler Center for Public Discussion and will include screening of the three part documentary film Guns, Grief and Grace in America.

Gregory Curfman, M.D. et al, The New England Journal of Medicine, Vivek Murthy for Surgeon General. Dr. Murthy's nomination for surgeon general appears to be in jeopardy. The critical question is this: Should a special-interest organization like the NRA have veto power over the appointment of the nation's top doctor? The very idea is unacceptable.

Tony Norman, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Post-Gazette. Why can't gun lovers handle rational limits? Why aren't gun-rights advocates willing to tolerate rational limits on who can and can't buy guns? I remain mystified by the gun lobby's embrace of virtual anarchy.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

►  Gun Manufacturer Smith & Wesson donates $600,000 to NRA. James Debney, president of Smith & Wesson presented Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the NRA,  with the check during a factory visit. Next year Smith & Wesson employees will have the option of getting an annual NRA membership as a paid employee benefit.

► Think Progress, Why Gun Manufacturers are Embracing Bitcoin. One of the biggest appeals of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is that funds are virtually untraceable and cloak buyers' identities. This could make illegal gun sales easier and harder to control.

► Tallahassee, Florida, NRA"s Hammer Rips Gov. Scott's Staff Response on Gun Bill. After the Florida National Guard attorney testified against a bill that would allow people without concealed weapons permits to carry guns during forced evacuations prompted by emergencies, such as hurricanes, NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer emailed Gov. Scott's staff, complaining they weren't doing enough to help the NRA backed bill. 

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