Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Having a Gun in the House Doesn't Make a Woman Safer

The GVP Report - March 4, 2014

In The News

► The Atlantic, A number of studies have found that  having a gun in the house doesn't make a woman safer.  In cases where self-defense matters most, women tend to find their own weapons turned against them.

Center for American Progress report, Young Guns: How Gun Violence is Devastating the Millennial Generation finds that young people are disproportionately both the victims and the perpetrators of gun violence.  Read the full report here.

California's attorney general is asking an appeals court to reverse itself and restore the leeway local government had to decide who can carry a concealed firearm. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has filed an amicus brief that supports the attorney general's request.

► WBUR Boston, When Massachusetts Criminals Want A Gun, They Often Head North. More than half of the guns seized by police come from other states. The biggest suppliers by far were New Hampshire and Maine.

► Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, ATF Agents Lost Track of Dozens of Their Own Guns, Reports Show.  Agents left their guns behind in bathroom stalls, at a hospital, outside a movie theater, on a plane, or simply on top of their car and drove away.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear two appeals from the NRA. The justices let stand a ruling that upheld federal law that prevents those 18-20 from purchasing a handgun or ammunition from a licensed firearm dealer and a Texas law that prohibits those 18-20 from carrying loaded, hidden handguns in public.

Occidental College Occidental College bans investments in assault weapons companies. Occidental is pledging to stay away from any investments in companies that manufacture assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines for general public sale. The move is the first of its kind for an American university.

Miami-Dade Mayors Rally Behind Plan to Control Gun Industry with 'Market Forces.' 14 local Florida governments will ask gun companies bidding on police gun contracts to show how they keep guns out of the hands of ineligible or mentally ill buyers and how they spot straw buyers.

Community Support

Real Sports Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel looks at marketing shooting sports to children. Follow a 13-year-old as clerks refuse to sell him cigarettes or beer but a gun show dealer sells him a gun, no questions asked.

Lewis W. Diugiud, Kansas City, Missouri Star, In the U.S., Guns Have More Value Than Children. Guns have rights and a constitutional amendment. Children don't. We do more to protect guns than we do to protect children.

Greg Kampikian, professor at Boise State University, Idaho, When May I Shoot a Student?  At present, the harshest penalty available here at Boise State is expulsion. But now that lethal force is an option, I need to know which infractions may be treated as de facto capital crimes.

Ron Baker, Gwinnett Magazine, A Father and Gun Owner Confronts the Limitations of Responsibility. Recently, my wife took my daughter in to use the restroom and found an unattended pistol lying atop the toilet paper dispenser. The pro-gun contingent likes to talk about responsibility. They talk about it in spite of statistics.

BewareMartha Rosenberg, OpEdNews.com, Are George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn "Protecting" Us?  Open and concealed carriers are so full of fear, they are afraid to go where normal people go - including children, the elderly and 90 lb women - every day unless they have their loaded lethal weapons. 

Tim Murphy, Mother Jones,Loaded Chambers: A Brief History of Politicians Accidentally Shooting Things. Shoot happens when public servants unintentionally fire, drop, and forget their firearms. Part II - Why Politicians Shouldn't Pack Heat.

Dahlia Lithwick, Slate.com, "Stand Your Ground" Nation. America used to value the concept of retreat. Now we just shoot."Stand your ground/shoot first" laws are changing the way the rest of us think about self-protection. Which is the world the NRA dreams of constructing: Everyone armed and paranoid that everyone else is armed.

Daily ShowJon Stewart, The Daily Show, Unjustified. Jon Stewart reacts to the Michael Dunn verdict in the murder trial of teenager Jordan Davis.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► Media Matters, 20 Years After Brady Bill Enacted, Conservative Media Still Attacking Gun Background Checks. Members of conservative media have used false statements and paranoid rhetoric to fight legislation to require background checks for more than 20 years.

Florida bill would allow warning shots against attackers. The bill would expand "stand your ground/shoot first" law to allow people to fire warning shots. The NRA is supporting the legislation.

► ThinkProgress, NRA Urges Senate to Reject Surgeon General Nominee Over Gun Violence Prevention Stance. The NRA objects to the nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy, because he believes doctors should ask patients about gun ownership and discuss gun safety procedures, believes there should be more federal funding of gun violence research, and supports universal background checks and an assault weapons ban.

► The Missouri Senate bowed to pressure from the NRA and stripped a provision requiring gun owners to report stolen weapons from a bill.  Said one state senator, "We are blind followers in here right now. Because one special interest group opposes the amendment, everyone decides to run."

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