Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We do not accept a law that views our children as collateral damage

The GVP Report - February 18, 2014

In The News

Davis press conferenceMichael Dunn was found guilty on three charges of attempted murder for shooting into a car full of unarmed teenagers, but the judge declared a mistrial on the murder charge for shooting and killing Jordan Davis. Watch Jordan's parents statement to the press.

► Think Progress reports that at least 26 children and teens have died in Florida "stand your ground/shoot first" cases. See the Tampa Bay Times comprehensive list of "stand your ground" victims in Florida.

► Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence notes a developing trend in state gun legislation. Many states have introduced legislation to repeal or limit the use of shoot first laws. In Georgia, 23 protesters from the group Moral Monday were arrested for refusing to leave a state senator's office after he blocked an effort to repeal the state's "stand your ground/shoot first" law.

Strategies for Reducing Gun Violence In a new study in the Journal of Urban Health, Daniel Webster, et al, find the repeal of Missouri's background check law is associated with an increase in murders in the state. Watch the press briefing: Science-based Strategies for Reducing Gun Violence.

► A divided federal appeals court struck down California concealed-weapons law saying they violate the Second Amendment right to bear arms.  Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence looks at how this extreme Ninth Circuit decision is out of sync with other court rulings.

Active Shooter DrillAll In with Chris Hayes looks at how schools are now staging active shooter drills. Instead of enacting stronger gun laws, we as a nation are forcing our kids to participate in these drills.

► The Seattle Weekly looks at a recent House hearing in Washington state on a background check bill.  Gabby Giffords testified in favor of stronger background checks. Critics called her a "gun celebrity."

Community Support

Tonyaa Wethersbee, CNN, The Extermination of Jordan Davis: An Empty Verdict, A Hollow Victory. Apparently someone on the jury believed Davis' cursing and arguing over the volume of his music equaled a serious enough threat to make Dunn reasonably fear for his life.

Police Chief Mike Masterton, guest opinion, Idaho Statesman.   I wasn't allowed to speak at a recent hearing about guns on college campuses.  Arbitrarily ceasing debate raises suspicion about intent.

► Hilton Head, South Carolina, Island Packet Editorial: No need for guns in bars and restaurants. A recent law allowing concealed weapons permit holders to carry guns in bars makes them - as well as the unarmed - less safe.

► Joel Beers, OC Weekly,  Our Favorite Occultist Musician Writes a Song About Gun Violence. "It's satirical all right, but I'm pretty serious about it," says Lon DuQuette. "The problem of gun violence in this country is insane. But the problem is more fundamental than having so many guns. The problem is this culture of fear."  Listen to I'm Scared.

Truth-o-MeterThe Oregonian Political Fact Check. Were Kip Kinkel and Clackamas Town Center shootings both stopped by an armed citizen?  The paper looks at a claim made by the Oregon Citizens Lobby, a conservative activist group.

► The Gun Violence Archive carries on the work of Slate.com's 2013 toll of deaths by gun violence. GVA maintains a database of gun usage including robberies, burglaries, assaults, accidents, suicides and murders.

► Lexington, Kentucky, Herald-Leader Editorial: KY Lawmakers Should Resist NRA's Deadly Illogic on Domestic Violence. Nothing more vividly illustrates the insanity of our gun politics than a move to arm victims of domestic violence in Kentucky.

Joe Nocera, New York Times, The Gun Report: One Year Later. The clearest message The Gun Report sends is the most obvious. Guns make killing way too easy.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► Media Matters, An NRA Operative is Running The Washington Times Editorial Page. Former NRA president David Keene is serving as the paper's opinion editor while still acting as a spokesman for the gun lobby and serving as one of its top leaders.

Gun Owners of America outlines to its members how the Fight Against Obama Anti-Gun Policies Continues on Multiple Fronts.

► ColoradoPols.com reports that a Pueblo Recall Organizer Admits Lying to Petition Signers. Victor Head gave false information in order to obtain recall petition signatures against a Colorado state senator.

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