Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Guns = More Suicides

The GVP Report - November 26, 2013

In The News

► A new study in International Review of Law & Economics, Firearms and Suicides in US States, authors Justin Briggs & Alexander Tabarrok found  "strong, positive effects of gun prevalence on suicide." They also report that "suicide is often a rash and impulsive decision - most people who try but fail to commit suicide do not recommit at a later date."

► A new study in Journal of Urban Health, Social Networks & the Risk of Gunshot Injury, Andrew Papachristos finds a person's social network is a key predictor in whether they will become a victim of gun homicide, even more so than race, age, gender, poverty, or gang affiliation.

Rachel Maddow Show Rachel Maddow looks at  Idaho State Rep. Mark Patterson. He was convicted of assault with intent to commit rape, had his concealed weapons permit revoked, but under state law is still allowed to carry a hidden, loaded gun in public.  Full transcript here.

►The Connecticut State's Attorney has released the final report on the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The report shows no clear motive for the shooting but does show that Adam Lanza was obsessed with mass shootings.

► The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a federal law that imposes a lifetime ban on gun possession by people convicted of domestic violence.

► One year after her son, Jordan Davis, was shot to death at a gas station in Florida, Lucia McBath is working to change Stand Your Ground/Shoot First laws. "If we don't speak out and if we don't work to advocate gun safety more will continue to die."

► The decades-old law banning undetectable, plastic firearms is set to expire at the beginning of December. A proposed, updated version of the bill would also ban 3-D plastic guns. The measure requires a gun's receiver, slide and barrel to be made from metal.

► Dan Freedman, Agency Forms Unlikely Alliance, More Than Once, the NRA helped ATF. But "the gun lobby has scared ATF," says Brady Center lawyer Jon Lowy. "That's not a resource question and it's not even a question of law. It's a cultural problem."

►Judy Woodruff, PBS, interviews ATF head B. Todd Jones, the new director of ATF.  Jones talks about the agency's outdated technology, system vulnerabilities and the challenges of reining in gun violence and keeping up with new technologies despite limited resources.

Community Support

How to SurviveDarryl Holliday, E.N. Rodriguez, Chicago Reader, How To Survive a Shooting. Nortasha Stingley's 19-year-old daughter, Marissa, was shot dead just blocks from her home. How do you get over a thing like that?

Kathleen Horan, WNYC News, In Harms' Way: Remembering New York City's Kids Killed by Gunfire. Listen to this report on ten teens, 9 boys and one girl, the unlucky ones in a year of record low homicides in NYC.

Dedrick Muhammad, The Root, Outgunned: Reducing Violence with Economic Opportunity. Examines how closing the economic gap is key to stemming inner-city homicides. Part 4 of a five-part series from NAACP.

Justin Peters, Slate, A Guide for Reporters: How to Write About Unintentional Child Shootings.  The guns in question are typically left out in the open and parents often overestimate their kids' expertise with firearms. Here are some guidelines on the questions to ask to make reporting on this issue more fruitful.

Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker, How A Gun Dealer Sees It. Looks at Michael Weisser, gun shop owner and author of Guns for Good Guys; Guns for Bad Guys. "Weisser is truthful about guns and gun violence in ways that underline the essentially cultural, or symbolic, nature of the practices involved."

► Huffpost Live begins a series on gun violence in America and documents the stories of lives unnecessarily lost.  Click here for Gone Too Early: Children and Guns. Click here for Mass Shooting Victims Tell Their Stories.

Dave Perry, Aurora, CO Sentinel, Why Colorado Hates Gun Control and Loves the Idea of Controlling Guns. 55 percent of those polled don't want new gun control. But a whopping 85 percent approve of the new law that requires gun buyers to undergo a background check. An astounding 78 percent of Republicans also approve of the law.

Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates, The 2nd Amendment Has Outlived Its Usefulness. With speakers Alan Dershowitz, John Donvan, David Kopel, Sanford Levinson and Eugene Volokh.

The Daily ShowJason Jones, The Daily Show, Not-So-Angry Voters. Jones goes to Colorado in the wake of the recall election to try and motivate unmotivated, reasonable people to vote.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► Brandy Zadrozny, The Daily Beast, The Scare Campaign of Open Carry Activists. A growing faction of gun rights advocates believes brandishing big guns will help everyone feel safer. But their protests have been inciting more fear than support. 

► Michael Gardner, U-T San Diego. While recall elections in Colorado move ahead, recall campaigns in California over gun rights bogs down. Gun-rights activists have yet to file any papers to launch recall campaigns against several California lawmakers.

► Timothy Johnson, Media Matters.  NRA News Host claimed that Glamour magazine's Women of the Year Awards, honoring Malala Yousafzai and Gabby Giffords, had an "anti-gun agenda" and made "the world a more dangerous place for women."

► Marion Hammer, past president of the NRA and Florida gun lobbyist,  op-ed objecting to Leon County Florida ordinance that requires background checks for firearm purchases. The ordinance seeks the participation from FFL dealers to run the background checks. Hammer claims this is an "assault on your rights" and the ordinance wants gun dealers "to sell you out."

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