Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Cost of a Bullet

The GVP Report - October 15, 2013

In The News

The Cost of a Bullet► A three-part series from the Providence, Rhode Island Journal, The Cost of a Bullet. Part One -  Price of gun violence takes widespread toll in Rhode Island. Part Two - Former gang member survives shooting, lives with challenges of a new reality.  Part Three -  12-year-old Aynis Vargas shot to death over $250 car window.

► The Columbus, Ohio Dispatch, Kids Shooting Kids: Teens at War.  On average, one Columbus teen is a victim of gun violence every day, and about half are assaulted by other teens.

Wisconsin State Journal, Theresa Terrace Shooting Victim: "A Gun Destroyed Me" Theresa was shot when a stray bullet fired by a 15-year-old boy pierced her abdomen and shattered her life.

► Reddit, Mass Shootings in 2013, a crowd sourced mass shooting tracker. A Mass Shooting is four or more people shot in one event.

► New Scientist, What Do We Know About Gun Violence? Garen Wintemute, professor at U.C.-Davis, discusses gun violence research, which is intentionally underfunded but shows some clear patterns, and why it is so hard to make inroads.

► California Governor Jerry Brown signs 11 gun-related laws, vetoes seven others. Brown approved a ban on lead hunting ammunition and other bills designed to tighten controls on ownership, storage and types of weapons available in California.

► MediaMatters, After Years of Support, NBC Sports Will Not Sponsor Nation's Largest Gun Show.  "It does not make business sense for us at this time," said an NBC Sports spokesperson.

► Quinnipiac University poll: 9 in 10 Americans STILL support gun background checks. The poll also showed strong support, 66% to 23%, for Starbuck's request that customers not bring their weapons into the stores.

Community Support

BULLET: Who Pulled the Trigger BULLET: Who Pulled the Trigger exhibit opens at University of Dayton, Ohio. The three-part exhibit opened with a focus on sculptures from the Newtown Action Alliance. "For me, it captured the grief and shock we all felt after Sandy Hook in a very visceral way."

Jeffrey Swanson & Marvin Swartz, Change Mentality on Guns. A history of violence is a far better predictor of future violent behavior than having a mental health diagnosis.

Janell Ross, Gun Violence's No. 1 Target: Black ChildrenBetween 1963 and 2010, nearly 60,000 black children and teens have been killed by guns. That is more than 17 times the total number of black Americans lynched between 1862 and 1968.

Timothy Johnson, 3 False Claims About Guns from Wash. Time's Emily Miller. In her book, Miller advanced the NRA conspiracy theory of gun confiscation and offered false information about the incidence of mass shootings and the capabilities of assault weapons, while distorting academic research on gun violence.

Adam Gopnik, A Few Simple Ideas About Gun Control. What we can learn from Canada is how to legislate common sense without violating anyone's liberty.

Santa Fe New Mexican editorial, Small Steps Matter with Gun Safety. Surely we can agree that people who call themselves responsible gun owners should lock weapons up to stop guns from getting to bad guys. Start by keeping guns out of the hands of car burglars.

Shooting Straight by Piers MorganPiers Morgan's America gun control mission: 'Those poor kids had their brains blown out in their classrooms.'  The former Mirror editor explains why he fights the gun lobby in his new book Shooting Straight. His decision had led to death threats and a petition to have him thrown out of the country.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the Second Amendment Foundation and Defend Gun Rights, planned to join together to sponsor Guns Save Lives events on Dec. 14th, the one year anniversary of the Newtown shooting. The event has now been pushed back to Dec. 15th.

Colorado gun rights advocates plan another recall.  The target is state Senator Evie Hudak and this time the control of the entire Senate hangs in the balance.

► Newsweek, Calculated to Alarm. The next battle over gun laws is coming to a Walmart near you as gun owners push their right to bear arms anywhere, anytime.

► MediaMatters, The Secret Fears of the Gun Lobby and What They're Planning Next.  Inside the 2013 Gun Rights Policy Conference.

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