Tuesday, October 29, 2013

7,500 children hospitalized for gunshot wounds each year

The GVP Report - October 29, 2013

In The News
► A new study presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics, U.S. Childhood Gun Violence - Disturbing Trends, found over 7,500 children annually are hospitalized for gunshot wounds, including over 500 in-hospital deaths. There was a significant relationship between the percentage of household gun ownership and the percentage of gunshot wounds occurring in the home.
Instagram gun sales ► The Daily Beast, People Are Using Instagram to Sell Their Guns ...and It's Mostly Legal. A simple search of Instagram reveals a web of semi-anonymous private and professional dealers who are advertising, negotiating, and selling firearms.
► Joshua Dubois, White House Spiritual Advisor, What President Obama Did In Secret in Newtown.  Two days after the Sandy Hook shooting, the President met with families of victims.  For hours, person after person received an engulfing hug then the President would sit and listen as parents told him about their lost beloved.
► Think Progress, Rhode Island May Join Growing Number of States Divesting From Gun Holdings. The state's general treasurer is pushing to sell the state's pension fund's holdings in equity funds that own stakes in a gun distributor.
► Metropolitan News-Enterprise, California Rejects Second Amendment Challenge to Assault Weapons Ban. The Fourth District Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of California's ban on assault weapons.
Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, warned that "active shooter" incidents rose dramatically in the last few years. In the past four years the total number of people shot and killed in these kinds of shootings is up nearly 150%.
► Wall Street Journal, Guns in the Parking Lot:  A Delicate Workplace Issue.  22 states have passed laws that limit property owners' ability to ban firearms in vehicles in parking areas. A 2005 study showed that workplaces that allowed guns were five times more likely to have a worker get killed on the job.
Alisha Waters► USA Today, Woman Shot by Husband Begins Journey to Reclaim Life. Alisha Water was left paralyzed after her estranged husband shot her five times. Alisha and her family want domestic violence laws changed to include cyberstalking.

Community Support
Laura Shin, SmartPlanet, Can We Crowdfund Gun Control?  Gun By Gun is using crowdfunding to finance gun buybacks. The first campaign was launched in July and the first gun buyback was in August in San Francisco.
Jeff Nisbit, U.S. News,Studying Gun Violence...Or Just Arguing About It. Hard statistics either don't exist, aren't current, aren't readily available or can't be researched nationally under the usual rules. There can be no harm in knowing how many people die each year from firearms and where those pockets of gun violence are.
Monte Frank, The Guardian,Stand Against Stand-Your-Ground Laws. Do We Really Want to be a Nation of Dirty Harrys?  We have created a society where ordinary citizens can feel and act like Dirty Harry, and get away with it. And we give them immunity even when they are wrong, and when retreating and calling for the police would be a viable option.
Josh Brodesky, My San Antonio, Mass Shooting Shouldn't Be New Normal. We don't have to accept shootings as part of normal life, or dismiss efforts to curb them as assaults on freedom.
guns turned into gardening toolsGary Gately, Juvenile Justice Info Exchange, Turning Gun Parts Into Gardening Tools. The Children's Defense Fund and the Washington National Cathedral hosted a forum aimed at ending the epidemic of gun violence.
Rabbi Joel Masbacher, NY Daily News, End The Paralysis on Gun Violence. 40% of the guns bought every year from manufacturers are purchased by the U.S. government. Taxpayers should use that leverage to insist guns only be purchased from manufacturers who agree to make some simple changes.
Vicki Walker, Arizona Central, Lax Gun Laws Make Domestic Violence Worse. The presence of a gun in a domestic-violence situation makes it five times more likely that the woman will be killed.
Effdot, Daily Kos, It's Time to Reframe the Debate About Gun Ownership in the U.S. Is there a civic duty for owning a gun? Once you realize the answer to this question is yes then smart policy can flow. It's time for us to take up the mantle of civics and citizenship again. 

What the Gun Lobby is Doing
► Media Matters, Gun Researcher John Lott Offers False Firearm Statistics Days Before Congressional Appearance.  Lott falsely claimed that "over 99 percent" of individuals who fail background checks are law-abiding citizens, despite convincing evidence that the vast majority are prohibited by law from owning a gun.
►San Jose Mercury News, California Gun-Control Votes Trigger Recall Attempts. Emboldened by the recall in Colorado last month, California gun-rights activists will seek to recall several state legislators.
► Slate.com, Dallas Gun Rights Advocates Hold Rally at JFK Assassination Site. Although the organizers said they were well aware of the historical significance of the site where JFK was assassinated, they insist they chose the location because it was a high-profile space.
► Miami Herald, How the NRA's Role in Florida Extends Way Beyond Gun Lobbying. In addition to helping craft legislation, the NRA enjoys a role as a state-sanctioned gun educator. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Cost of a Bullet

The GVP Report - October 15, 2013

In The News

The Cost of a Bullet► A three-part series from the Providence, Rhode Island Journal, The Cost of a Bullet. Part One -  Price of gun violence takes widespread toll in Rhode Island. Part Two - Former gang member survives shooting, lives with challenges of a new reality.  Part Three -  12-year-old Aynis Vargas shot to death over $250 car window.

► The Columbus, Ohio Dispatch, Kids Shooting Kids: Teens at War.  On average, one Columbus teen is a victim of gun violence every day, and about half are assaulted by other teens.

Wisconsin State Journal, Theresa Terrace Shooting Victim: "A Gun Destroyed Me" Theresa was shot when a stray bullet fired by a 15-year-old boy pierced her abdomen and shattered her life.

► Reddit, Mass Shootings in 2013, a crowd sourced mass shooting tracker. A Mass Shooting is four or more people shot in one event.

► New Scientist, What Do We Know About Gun Violence? Garen Wintemute, professor at U.C.-Davis, discusses gun violence research, which is intentionally underfunded but shows some clear patterns, and why it is so hard to make inroads.

► California Governor Jerry Brown signs 11 gun-related laws, vetoes seven others. Brown approved a ban on lead hunting ammunition and other bills designed to tighten controls on ownership, storage and types of weapons available in California.

► MediaMatters, After Years of Support, NBC Sports Will Not Sponsor Nation's Largest Gun Show.  "It does not make business sense for us at this time," said an NBC Sports spokesperson.

► Quinnipiac University poll: 9 in 10 Americans STILL support gun background checks. The poll also showed strong support, 66% to 23%, for Starbuck's request that customers not bring their weapons into the stores.

Community Support

BULLET: Who Pulled the Trigger BULLET: Who Pulled the Trigger exhibit opens at University of Dayton, Ohio. The three-part exhibit opened with a focus on sculptures from the Newtown Action Alliance. "For me, it captured the grief and shock we all felt after Sandy Hook in a very visceral way."

Jeffrey Swanson & Marvin Swartz, Change Mentality on Guns. A history of violence is a far better predictor of future violent behavior than having a mental health diagnosis.

Janell Ross, Gun Violence's No. 1 Target: Black ChildrenBetween 1963 and 2010, nearly 60,000 black children and teens have been killed by guns. That is more than 17 times the total number of black Americans lynched between 1862 and 1968.

Timothy Johnson, 3 False Claims About Guns from Wash. Time's Emily Miller. In her book, Miller advanced the NRA conspiracy theory of gun confiscation and offered false information about the incidence of mass shootings and the capabilities of assault weapons, while distorting academic research on gun violence.

Adam Gopnik, A Few Simple Ideas About Gun Control. What we can learn from Canada is how to legislate common sense without violating anyone's liberty.

Santa Fe New Mexican editorial, Small Steps Matter with Gun Safety. Surely we can agree that people who call themselves responsible gun owners should lock weapons up to stop guns from getting to bad guys. Start by keeping guns out of the hands of car burglars.

Shooting Straight by Piers MorganPiers Morgan's America gun control mission: 'Those poor kids had their brains blown out in their classrooms.'  The former Mirror editor explains why he fights the gun lobby in his new book Shooting Straight. His decision had led to death threats and a petition to have him thrown out of the country.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the Second Amendment Foundation and Defend Gun Rights, planned to join together to sponsor Guns Save Lives events on Dec. 14th, the one year anniversary of the Newtown shooting. The event has now been pushed back to Dec. 15th.

Colorado gun rights advocates plan another recall.  The target is state Senator Evie Hudak and this time the control of the entire Senate hangs in the balance.

► Newsweek, Calculated to Alarm. The next battle over gun laws is coming to a Walmart near you as gun owners push their right to bear arms anywhere, anytime.

► MediaMatters, The Secret Fears of the Gun Lobby and What They're Planning Next.  Inside the 2013 Gun Rights Policy Conference.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What about the children?

The GVP Report - October 1, 2013

In The News

Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll ► New York Times, Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll. Children shot unintentionally - usually by other children - are collateral casualties of the accessibility of guns in America, their deaths all the more devastating for being eminently preventable. And there are far more of these innocent victims than official records show.

For children who witnessed Newtown shooting, fear and nightmares line path to recovery. Hundred of children at the school that day survived the shooting, but the horrors have been especially difficult to overcome for some of the 6- and 7-year-olds who witnessed the bloodbath.

► During a memorial ceremony for victims of the Washington Navy Yard shooting, President Obama called for transformation in the nation's gun laws, saying the fight for stronger gun laws "out to obsess us."

►A new poll by United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection shows a huge majority thinks Washington can reduce gun violence.  But there are sharp divisions over which policies would work best.

► The National Physicians Alliance and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence have issued a new report, Gun Safety & Public Health: Policy Recommendations for a More Secure America.

► In the third report from the UC Davis' Firearm Licensee Survey, Garen Wintemute, professor of emergency medicine, reports gun retailers support denying gun purchases for mentally ill and criminals.

► A report from Third Way and Americans for Responsible Solutions, What a Difference a Law Makes: Online Gun Sales in States With and Without Background Checks, finds online private sales are far more prevalent in states that do not require criminal background checks than among states that do. 

Costs of gunshot violence increasingClinical Psychiatry News, Two Studies Document a Rise in Gun Wounds, Homicides. Deaths from gunshot wounds doubled between 2000 and 2012 in the region served by one New Jersey trauma center and gun-related homicides as a proportion of violent crimes increased by 27% in southern Arizona after the state stopped requiring permits for concealed weapons, separate studies found.

► A new report from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Felon Seeks Firearm, No Strings Attached, looks at how dangerous people evade background checks and buy illegal guns online. A sample of prospective buyers on Armslist.com found one in thirty had a criminal record that should prohibit them from buying a gun.

Community Support

► The two Colorado state Senators recalled in the recent special election speak out:  John Morse - Rampage. Regret. Repeat. Can we ever stop the cycle? How one lawmaker lost his job fighting for gun control. And why he'd do it again.  Angela Giron - We can beat the gun lobby - we already have. While extremist groups have a hard time making their case to general-election voters, they have far more control in low-turnout special elections.

Josh Sager - White Privilege and the 2nd Amendment.  Our society's perception of gun owners who are exercising their "2nd Amendment rights" is often linked to the color of their skin.

Benjamin Hart - Gun Control Advocates Urge Patience in the Wake of Navy Yard Shootings.  Despite the media coverage saying Americans may have accepted mass shootings as a fact of life, gun control advocates expressed optimism that they are making real progress - slowly but surely.

How I got my ccw Tim Murphy, Mother Jones, How I Got Licensed to Carry a Concealed Gun in 32 States by Barely Trying. I was clueless, hung over, and totally worthless with a firearm. Four hours later, I was officially qualified to pack heat.

Katrina vanden Heuvel, Washington Post, The Case for Gun Liability Laws. Knives. Automobiles. Cold medicine. Alcohol. Cigarettes. Coffee. What do these items have in common? They're all held to a higher safety standard than firearms.

Nina Strochlic, The Daily Beast, I've Written 51 Obituaries for Gun Victims in 18 Months. The day after the Aurora tragedy was a Saturday. I complied everything I could find about each of the 12 names and I didn't stop crying until I sent the story to my editor four hours later.

Jonathan Merritt - Will Rick Warren Lead a Christian Movement for Gun Control? After the CNN interview about their son's suicide and other issues, many wonder whether the religious power couple might lead a Christian movement for gun control.

Jay Kirell, Take My Guns, Please. Nothing about my outward appearance would send up a red flag. Likewise, nothing in my background would send a warning to anyone trying to sell me a firearm. And that's the problem. Because I shouldn't, by any reasonable measure, own a firearm.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► Timothy Johnson, Media Matters, NRA Bemoans Domestic Violence But Lobbies for Policies that Arm Abusers. Their new-found concern for domestic violence ignores both the lethal consequences of armed domestic abusers and the NRA's lengthy history of blocking measures to keep guns out of the hands of abusers.

► Massoud Hayoun, Aljazeera America, How the NRA Tried to Stop a Member from Conducting Gun-Control Research. The NRA reportedly advised its members against participating in a study that show a majority of gun sellers want tougher background checks for gun buyers.

► David Edwards, The Raw Story, 'Armed Citizen Project' Giving Homeowners Shotguns Near Where Trayvon Was Killed. The group plans to give away shotguns to homeowners in Florida. Members have gone door-to-door in Orlando passing out fliers to advertise the free firearms.