Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gun Bullies

The GVP Report - July 2, 2013

In The News

New Hampshire Rally Counter-protesters, some armed with assault rifles, disrupted the No More Names rally in New Hampshire. No More Names heckler One man was arrested. Another man  heckled people trying to read the list of names.

► After being overwhelmed with insults and vituperation from pro-gun advocates, Ms. Magazine decided to not publish the next two installments of a blog about guns.

► Get the latest news from the George Zimmerman trial.

► Reuters, The Untold Story of Gun Violence:  Life-Altering Injuries, looks at people who survive being shot but now must live with costly and often permanently debilitating injuries.

► NBC News,A Year After Unsolved Shooting, Lesbian Texas Teen Makes Heroic Recovery. Kristene had to relearn how to sit, walk, and even smile after being shot in the head.

► Center for American Progress,Lost and Stolen Guns From Gun Dealers.  Reports on the tens of thousands of guns discovered missing from gun dealers every year and the risks to public safety.

President Obama reports on progress being made by Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence, detailing significant progress on 21 of his 23 Executive Actions but notes that we still need Congress to act

► Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research new polling from Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire and North Dakota shows Support for Background Checks Continues in States Where Senators Voted "No"

► USA Today, Should gun owners have to show they know how to use a gun safely before being granted a permit to carry a loaded, hidden gun in public? States split on on-line gun training for permits.

Community Support

BET Experience - No Guns AllowedSnoop Lion, Rep. Maxine Waters and others joined in BET Experience panel discussion No Guns Allowed - Disarming Violence in Our Community. "My power has always been to push it the wrong way," said Snoop, "and now I'm going to push it the right way."

Sarah Dunn, Policymic, Why Gun Control is a Feminist Issue. Gender issues are inherent to the debate because of the strong link between guns, domestic violence, and domestic violence fatalities.

Bryan Brinkley, Ahwatukee Foothills News, Phoenix, Arizona, Do Loose Gun Laws Make Economic Sense? Gun violence in our country may collectively cost up to nearly $200 billion each year. Loosely controlled access to guns is poor public safety policy and does not make economic sense.

Gary Denton, It Can Happen Here, Why Responsible Gun Owners Support Magazine Capacity Limits. With recent improvements in magazine construction technology the number of fatalities in a single shooting could rise dramatically over the next few years.

Lucinda Finley & John Culhane, New York Times, Make Gun Companies Pay Blood Money. Gun manufacturers have gone to great lengths to avoid any moral responsibility or legal accountability. But there is a simple way to make them accountable for the harm their products cause.

Bill Nemitz, Portland Press Herald, Maine,Conscience Guides an NRA Stalwart. A state senator changes his vote and a background bill passes. A case of a lawmaker who toes the NRA line year after year until one day, his conscience tells him he no longer can.

Morgan Spurlock, Inside ManMorgan Spurlock, CNN, Inside Man. Spurlock works at a gun shop, visits a firing range, and talks with Baltimore County Police Chief James Johnson to get a take on gun ownership in America.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► Magpul Industries donated 20,000 high-capacity magazines to a Colorado group, Free Colorado for a weekend event marking new gun laws that ban magazines holding more than 10 rounds. The group planned to give away the first 1,500 and sell the remaining for $10 each.

► Sahil Kapur, Talking Points Memo, The NRA's Orwellian Games on Guns and the Mentally Ill,  looks at the NRA's new ad campaign calling for reform to "our broken mental health system to prevent mass shootings" while also pushing for a bill to make it easier for people with a history of severe mental illness to buy firearms.

► Zombie Industries, a company that sells "life-sized tactical mannequins" for target practice is offering a new shooting target  - the Bleeding Gun Control Lobbyist.

► Katie Lorenze, PRWatch, What do guns have to do with immigration? looks at efforts by the Gun Owners Of America to defeat the immigration bill before Congress. They warn that if the bill passes "you can say buh bye to your guns."

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