Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Since Newtown

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The GVP Report - June 18, 2013

In The News

Newtown families in D.C. ► Families of the children and educators killed in the Newtown shooting went to Capitol Hill to mark the six-month anniversary of the school massacre.  While there, the families held a press conference with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and visited with House Speaker John Boehner and other legislators.

► Since Newtown, some states have strengthened their gun laws, some have weaken them.  CNN presents a state-by-state summary of key parts of new gun laws.

► Think Progress looks at Eight Inspiring Moments Since the Newtown Massacre including when the late Senator Frank Lautenberg cast one of his last votes which was for background checks.

► Marie Claire gathered seven women who lived through Newtown, Aurora, and other mass shootings.  In these incredibly emotional and moving interviews, they reveal the truth about life after unthinkable trauma - and explain how they are taking action to prevent more tragedies.

► The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies issued a new report Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence detailing the main areas where more research is needed. The report will be used by the Center for Disease Control as it looks to start funding research on firearms.

► Center for American Progress issue brief, Recommendations for Executive Action to Combat Illegal Gun Trafficking and Gun Crime. The recommendations are actions President Obama can take that do not require approval by Congress.

► A new report,  Way of the Gun: Estimating Firearms Traffic Across the U.S.-Mexico Border from IGARAPE Institute at the University of San Diego, finds that a significant proportion of U.S. licensed firearm dealers are dependent on the illicit Mexico market and a sizeable and growing percentage of US firearms are destined for Mexico.

► The Times Herald, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Under the Gun: Fight for Stiffer Straw Purchase Penalties Continues. Plymouth Police Chief Joseph Lawrence talks about his efforts to strengthen laws aimed at reducing gun trafficking.

Community Support

CDF We Can Do Better The Children's Defense Fund launches "We Can Do Better" social media campaign. The campaign toolkit, available to download, contains images and facts to share on social media sites.

Sheila Durkin Dierks, Daily Camera, Boulder, CO, Continue the Gun Conversation. We concentrate on the tragic matter of mass murders. But a far greater number of lives have been taken, ruined forever, wounded one or two victims at a time.

Jason Cherkis, Huffington Post, Americans Tell Their Stories About Guns, Violence and the Aftermath. Huffington Post set up a voicemail account for people to share stories about how gun violence touched their lives.  Listen to their powerful stories.

►Justin Peters, Slate.com, After Newtown, We Vowed to Take Gun Control Seriously. Why Has Nothing Changed? In the last six months the gun control debate has been generalized, the faces of the victims fade, making it harder to remember why gun control once seemed so urgent.

Paul Appelbaum, The Hill's Congress Blog, Don't Arm People in a Mental Health Crisis. Looks at how the proposed Crassley-Cruz amendment not only fell short on background checks but would actually have weakened the system and make it even easier for people with serious mental illness to buy firearms during periods of crisis. 

Stacie Borello, Opposing Views, Toddlers Killed More Americans Than Terrorist Did This Year. In the last five months there have been at least eleven deaths where the shooter was 3 to 6 years old.

Rev. Al Sharpton, National Action Network, George Zimmerman Trial: Advocacy and Action Brought Us Here. As the Travyon Martin murder trail begins we are reminded of what was involved in getting here. For those who think that protests and marches are outdated or unnecessary, guess again.

Stop the NRANew York venture capitalist Ken Lerer has launched a new website - Stop The NRA, dedicated to ending gun violence in America. The site will post content to bring ongoing attention to the gun violence prevention issue.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

NRA goes after Senator Manchin over guns compromise.  The NRA launched a TV ad against the Senator after he co-sponsored a background check measure with Sen. Toomey.

Free gun initiative begins in Houston neighborhood. The Armed Citizen Project is giving away free shotguns to single women and residents of neighborhoods with high crime rates.

NRA-backed Kansas law bans government lobbying on gun issues; critics say it stifles debate. Many questions about the new law remain. Could a government agency print a pamphlet about gun safety without running afoul of the law? And is this the next initiative the NRA will push from state to state?

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