Thursday, March 28, 2013

34 Years Later Gun Killing Still Echoes

Every year in this country over 30,000 lives are ended by a gun. Some choose to take their own lives, others are ended without permission. Each of these individuals leaves behind family and friends whose heartache lasts for years.

Michael Daly writes about one such family in his article 34 Years Later, Gunshots Still Echo From a Senseless Killing.

The article looks at how the family of Michael Russell reacts when Michael's killer applies for parole. 34 years after his death, Michael's daughter Jessica writes:
As I watch my daughter crawl into our bed in the mornings and lie with her dad, I am once again reminded of what I missed out on as a child. As I watch her get ready for the Girl Scout Father-Daughter dance, I feel the void, the emptiness, the sadness, that I have felt my entire life, rush over me again. As I take my son to the baseball fired, I think of my father on his last day alive.

Go here to read this powerful article.

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