Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Court upholds limits on carrying guns in public

The GVP Report - December 11, 2012
In The News
Federal courts in New York, California, and Hawaii have all ruled that there are limits on the Second Amendment.  A U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that New York can require applicants for concealed weapons permits to articulate a need for self protection. A District Court judge in California ruled that San Francisco can require handgun owners keep their weapons locked when stored at home. A federal judge in Hawaii upheld the state's concealed carry laws as Constitutional.
► Sports Illustrated's Peter King reports that in response to the murder-suicide involving NFL player Jovan Belcher, at least seven NFL players have turned their guns into their respective team's security.  One player with multiple firearms told his team's personnel that he didn't trust himself with the guns.
► A group of retired generals and admirals sent a letter to Congress calling on them to amend a law that prohibits the military from talking to service members about privately owned firearms. The letter points to the epidemic of suicides in the military, half of which involve privately owned guns.   

► A Justice Quarterly study, Homicide as Infectious Disease: Using Public Health Methods to Investigate the Diffusion of Homicide, finds that homicide spreads through Newark, NJ very much like an infectious disease. Author April Zeoli tells NPR, "the model could make specific predictions about how and where homicide would spread in the future - information that could prove very valuable to police."

Community Support
Jon Stewart - Any Given Gun Day Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, Any Given Gun Day, ponders just when is the right time to talk about gun violence.  According to Fox News the answer is never.
Cliff Schecter, Politico.com, The Winds of Change: Sweeping away the NRA. The NRA was exposed as a paper tiger. And Bloomberg's Independence PAC proved that when money is spent by those who prioritize public safety over paranoid fetishes, the former win.
Timothy Johnson, Media Matters, Washington Times' Emily Miller downplays gun violence with debunked statistic. In addition to using a repeatedly debunked claim on defensive gun use, Miller fails to account for nearly 74,000 nonfatal gunshot wounds each year. According to The Wall Street Journal the number of serious gunshot wounds has increased 47 percent over the past 10 years.
Jason Whitlock, Fox Sports, My Real Take on Gun Control. The NRA just wants all sides armed to the hilt and convinced the other side is ready to shoot. That's the recipe that left a 17-year-old Jacksonville kid dead over loud music blaring from a car. It's a dangerous recipe that I believe is fracturing our imperfect union.
Costas on O'ReillyBob Costas appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show to discuss his comments on Sunday Night Football that sparked a nationwide debate on gun control. They both agree that background checks should be conducted on all gun sales.
Leonard Pitts, Jr., The Miami Herald, Gun Control? Maybe these kids are onto something. As has happened with conservatism generally, the gun-rights movement has lurched hard to the right in recent years, has alienated reason, ostracized compromise and fetishized guns and gun ownership to a point that seems psychologically unhealthy.
Richard Florida, The Atlantic Cities, The Geography of Gun Violence in Cities and Metros. We find strikingly consistent associations between gun violence and key markers of socio-economic disadvantage - poverty, income, education, class, and race. This concentrated nature of gun violence makes it easier for those in more affluent and sheltered places to ignore its consequences. 

What the Gun Lobby is Doing
► Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the NRA, told CNN his group is prepared for an "unprecedented" fight over gun control in the next Congress. While not giving specifics, he said, "I think it is going to come hard, I think it is going to come fast, and I think it is going to come soon."
► A church in San Angelo, Texas is training parishioners to defend against imaginary band of Mexicans. The pastor of the church claims there is a spiritual component to carrying a loaded, hidden handgun. 

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