Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Russia Developing Gun That Recognizes Its Owner

The GVP Report - October 16, 2012

In The News

Russian gun A Moscow based research group is developing a next generation of firearms equipped with a user identification system and a special blackbox to register any action of the weapon. If the firearm gets into unauthorized hands it will not shoot.

► Palm Beach Post,'Shoot First' Self-Defense Raises More Questions Than Answers, examines 11 years of Florida homicide data to try and determine the impact of the controversial law.

► Cook County, Illinois Mulling Violence Tax on Guns & Ammunition. Money raised would go into the budget that pays for public health clinics, hospitals, courts and jails.

► As Military Suicides Rise, Focus Is on Private Weapons. With half of all military suicides committed with privately owned guns, Congress is set to overturn a NRA backed 2011 measure that prevents the military from discussing gun safety with potentially suicidal troops.

Democracy Now Democracy Now,Months After Aurora Massacre, University of Colorado Sparks Fear, Outrage by Allowing Concealed Guns. Amy Goodman talks with Colorado state representative Claire Levy and University of Colorado assistant professor Noah Molotch.

Take Action

Sign the Petition -Discovery Channel/Outdoor Channel: Ted Nugent Poaching and Lust for Guns and Killing is Not Entertainment. Ted Nugent has pleaded guilty twice to illegal hunting activities that were filmed for Outdoor Channel shows. Now the Discovery Channel is offering the NRA board member even more air time.

Community Support

► William Hartung, Center for International Policy, Why Obama is Silent on Gun Control as NRA Goes Global.  The damage caused by the NRA and its advocacy for loose gun control regulations is not limited to the U.S. Perhaps the most infamous case of the international influence of the NRA has been its role in blocking the creation of a global Arms Trade Treaty.

► Michael Skolnik, Silence the Bullets in Chicago. Mothers wail. Grandmothers sit in silence. Fathers seethe with anger. Girlfriends' bodies shake uncontrollably while tightly gripping sides of caskets. For black and Latino communities, funerals for dead children have become weekly occasions.

► Mike McClellan, East Valley Tribune, Arizona - Mexico's Firearm Superstore. With the death of Border Patrol Agent Nick Ivie recently, the danger those men and women face on a daily basis entered our collective consciousness once more. But before we had time to even honor the sacrifice Agent Ivie made for his country, some politicians weighed in with predictably political comments.

► Jarvis DeBerry, The Times-Picayune, Education Nor Money Inoculates Against Gun Violence. "We had very high hopes for her," said Kendall of his sister Marguerite who was gunned down at her boyfriend's house.  "We're all college graduates. My mother's a Dillard graduate. I'm a Dillard graduate. Not in a million years did we think this would happen to our family."

► Rachel MaddowRachel Maddow, MSNBC, Hollow Point, looks at the NRA endorsement of Romney for president. "The NRA is not looking to honestly compare the two candidate's records on gun rights. The NRA just wants the Republican. That's what they want. That's why they exist. They are a Republican interest group and to describe them any other way is to play into their spin."

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► NRA Political Victory Fund releases their Grades and Endorsements for 2012.   Local state house races in all 50 states as well as races for the U.S. Congress are detailed.

NRA endorses Mitt Romney. Chris Cox, chair of the NRA Political Victory Fund, also noted that "Today we live in an America led by a president who mocks our values, belittles our faith, and is threatened by our freedom."

► Capitol Report: NRA Plays to Gun Owner Fears in Swing States Like Wisconsin. The NRA has bought more than $1.3 million in TV ads in Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio and Virginia. The "Defend Freedom, Defeat Obama" ad tells viewers the president is "chipping away at our Second Amendment rights."

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