Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paralyzed for Life

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The GVP Report - September 18, 2012

In The News

In D.C. another measure of gun violenceIn D.C., another measure of gun violence: Men in Wheelchairs, story & video of a support group for young, black men left paralyzed by gun injuries. In Nebraska an Omaha man is living proof of gun violence, left paralyzed when a bullet shattered his vertebra. Gunfire is the third-leading cause of spinal cord injuries in the United States.

Garen Wintemute, University of California Davis, has published a new study, Characteristics of Federally Licensed Firearms Retailers and Retail Establishments, in the Journal of Urban Health. The first of its kind survey of FFLs found that 96.3% of respondents agreed that "private ownership of guns is essential for a free society" and just over half, 54.9% believed that "it is too easy for criminals to get guns in this country."

Houston Chronicle, Stolen Guns Nurture Deadly Violence. Analysis shows that about 4,000 guns are stolen every year in the Houston area, from homes, cars, pawn shops, even gun dealers, with only 7% ever recovered.

iMediaEthics PollCheck survey, designed to check the validity of media polling, Highlights Problem with General Questions in Gun Control Polls.

Cops, Guns & Death  "We got a war going on out there, because let's face it: there's a proliferation of illegal guns in the hands of people willing to use them," said John Firman of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. In the last four weeks seven police officers have been shot to death and ten more wounded by gunfire

Community Support

Gabby Giffords at DNC What's Wrong With this Picture: The Gabby Giffords DNC Appearance and Gun Violence.  How could this striking cameo occur without any heed to the political issue underlying Giffords' maiming?

Tuck Langland, South Bend, Indiana Tribune, Let Us Begin to Curb the Unlimited Accessibility of Guns. When we realize that adding more guns to reduce killings is like adding more mosquitoes to reduce malaria. Someday this age of unlimited gun accessibility will appear in our history books as an age of madness.

Amanda Keenan, Junior at the University of Nebraska, Conceal and Carry Policies on Campus Would Spur Fear, Distraction. How comfortable would you feel if you asked the person next to you in class to borrow a pen and a gun feel out of their backpack?

BOOK REVIEWS, David Cole, New York Review of Books, Our Romance With Guns, looks at  Gunfight by Adam Winkler, The City That Became Safe by Franklin Zimring and Don't Shoot by David Kennedy.  Patrick Heery, Unbound, question and answer with James Atwood author of America and Its Guns.

Matt Nagin, PolicyMic, James Holmes Demonstrates Why We Must Reinstate the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. When the public is in mortal danger, gun control becomes an urgent necessity. Gun violence poses an imminent threat to the very fabric of American society.

Holmberg takes VA online ccw class Mark Holmberg, WTVR, Richmond, Virginia, Online Concealed-Carry Classes Just Too Easy. It took Holmberg 20 minutes to skim the very basic instruction about handguns. Most of the 20 true-false questions were ridiculously easy and he got all the answers right, which is pretty much guaranteed by the folks who run these sites.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► Chuck Norris, U.N. Gun-Control Treaty: Bad for Gun Owners.  "The proposed treaty is a mechanism for Iran and other tyrannical powers to have a say in your gun ownership."

► The Raw Story, Firearms Magazine 'Truly Sorry' for Saying 'Pocket Sized Machine Gun' Not for Civilians. Recoil magazine is backing down from its statement that civilians shouldn't be allowed to buy the MP7A1 - a concealable submachine gun designed to penetrate body armor - because the gun had no "sporting applications."

NRA's Chris Cox Goes One on One with Governor Mitt Romney. "For gun owners this year's election is going to define the future of our freedom, perhaps more than any other in our history."

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Republican & Democratic Platforms on Guns

The GVP Report - September 4, 2012

In The News

► Last week in Florida, the Republicans adopted what the NRA touted as the most pro-Second Amendment position ever included in a major party platform. This week in Charlotte, the Democrats will pass a platform that urges "an honest and open conversation about firearms." Mark Glaze, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, said, "At least they [Republicans] take a stand. The Democrats mumble some gauzy generalities."

► Four soldiers based at Fort Stewart, Georgia have been arrested and charged with plotting a variety of domestic terrorist, anti-government attacks and the murder of a former associate and his girlfriend. Reports indicate that the group spent $87,000 on assault rifles, other guns and bomb components.

Chuck's Gun Shop► A new study shows that 19% of the guns recovered in crimes in Chicago come from a single gun shop in neighboring Riverdale. A gang member tells the Chicago Sun-Times he knows men whose full-time job is to buy guns from suburban stores and sell them to criminals. He calls them "gun guys", police call them "straw purchasers."

On-line Classes Make It Easy for Non-Virginians to Get A Concealed Weapons Permit. A change in Virginia law allows out-of-state applicants to get a ccw permit from VA that is valid in their state, but without having to meet tougher requirements their home states may impose, such as firing a gun with an instructor.

► This summer a hobbyist used a thermoplastic, 3D printing machine to fashion parts for a homemade .22-caliber rifle. Asked one writer, "How do you control a digital pattern that people can use to print guns in their living rooms?"

► The University of Colorado will allow students with concealed weapons permits to keep guns in some off-campus student housing but students cannot have them in dormitories. Students with ccw permits will also be allowed to carry guns on campus.

► A new poll finds 76 percent of respondents said concealed weapons should not be allowed in houses of worship.

IHOP Shooting One Year Later: 85 Seconds that Changed Carson City. It took Eduardo Sencion only 85 seconds to leave his car, shoot a 30-round clip from an assault weapon in the air, walk into an IHOP while reloading, empty another clip - injuring 14 people and killing 4 - walk outside and fire off another 30 rounds, injuring a motorcyclist.

Community Support

Bruce Reyes-Chow, Why This Christian Will Never Own A Gun. "Guns in our culture are beginning to manifest themselves in ways that are tearing apart the social and cultural understandings that have brought this country together for a very long time."

Gail Collins, Arms and the Duck. After police wound nine bystanders in New York City Collins notes, "And these are people trained for this kind of crisis.  The moral is that if a lunatic starts shooting, you will not be made safer if your fellow average citizens are carrying concealed weapons."

Ring of FireMike Papantonio, Ring of Fire, talks with Paul Waldman, editor for the American Prospect, and Cliff Schecter about why the NRA isn't as big and bad as they want us to think.

Oregon Police Chief Leads Lonely Charge for Stricter Gun Buyer Background Checks. Chief Doug Petit works with National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence to convince federal lawmakers to mandate background checks on all gun sales.

Kevin Krajewski, In Wake of Recent Gun Tragedies, NRA Plows Forward to Arm America. "My wrath was and remains aimed squarely at the senior leadership of the NRA, men like Wayne Lapierre. For more than a decade, he has led an effort to systemically oppose any discussion, let alone passage, of even the most moderate of gun control measures."

Blake Zeff, What the Gun Control Movement Can Learn from Gay Rights. "There's a reason that nothing's happening to improve gun safety in America despite the mass shootings that now occur so regularly: No one in power is scared ot the gun control movement."

Eric Boehlert, Media Matters, More Missing Media Context After Another Gun Rampage. During a CNN discussion about gun control ATF Special Agent Bernard Zapor pointed out, "This is a major social issue for this country." So why isn't it covered that way by the news media?

Waymon Hudson, Seeing Gun Violence Through International Eyes. "I was struck by the tone of all the international reporting - every news story ended with incredulity that the shooter had gotten his two handguns, shotgun, assault-style rifle, and high-capacity clips legally."

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► Gun rights advocates protested across the street from a gun buyback being offered by Detroit police. The protestors tried to compete with police, offering a better price to those in line for the police program. Few accepted the offer.

► Gun Owners of America issued their Mid Year Report on Gun Rights. "In the fog of war, it might appear like we are always on the defensive." "So as Congress gets ready to come back into session soon, get ready for the fight of your life - especially, the battle to kill gun control legislation and to get pro-gun candidates elected."

► The Daily Beast looks at the Big Guns Inside the NRA Leadership, at the executives and directors, their salaries (not including benefits) and takes a look at the NRA's 2010 990 tax form.