Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The GVP Report - August 7, 2012


Enough! Send the word to your elected officials by Tweeting the following message:

#Enough. Americans deserve the right to be safe & free from gun violence. What's your plan to stop the killing? @(insert the appropriate Twitter handle here) #gvp

For a list of U.S. Congressional Twitters go here.  Don't forget to include the hashtags #enough and #gvp. Keep Tweeting until we get an answer!

In The News

The victims in Sunday's tragic shooting in a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, Wisconsin are regarded for faith, humility and dedication. The shooter, Wade Michael Page, was killed in the rampage. Prior to the shooting his odd behavior did not go unnoticed.

CBS News has put together details on nine mass shooting sprees in 2012, including the kind of weapon used and whether the suspects' guns were obtained legally. The Center for American Progress points out that spree killings are growing more frequent and more deadly.

► A new study by Katherine Vittes, Johns Hopkins University, Legal status and source of offenders' firearms in states with the least stringent criteria for gun ownership, finds that stronger gun laws "would have made gun possession illegal for many individuals who went on to commit a crime with a gun."

► A new poll of NRA members shows strong support for common-sense gun laws, exposing significant divide between rank-and-file members and NRA leadership. Click here to download the Gun Owners Poll from Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

►A CNN analysis finds Fewer U.S. Gun Owners Own More Guns. The data found that the number of U.S. households with guns has declined, but current gun owners are gathering more guns.

► Salon.com,The NRA's War on Gun Science, details how the gun lobby has spent the past twenty years fighting research into gun safety by working with Congress to restrict research funds from the Centers for Disease Control.

► A new study by Garen Wintemute, UC Davis School of Medicine, examines stray-bullet shootings and finds most people killed or wounded in stray-bullet shootings were unaware of the events leading to the gunfire that caused their injuries.

► The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette two-part series, Gun Wounds -- They Happen in a Flash, But Healing is Slow, takes a detailed look at two women who survived shootings and the medical treatment that helped to heal them.

Community Support

Nasty Jack, July 2012 Shooting Report: 121 Dead, 387 Wounded, in 508 Shootings.  Figures based on news coverage. If Congress and the American public can't see a problem here, we are in terrible trouble.

Bob Cesca, More About the Houston Gun Weirdness. The Dept. of Homeland Security and the Houston Mayor's Office made a video about what to do if you encounter a workplace shooter. But why not make a video about unregulated guns or tracking bulk sales of long guns?

Naithom, Open.Salon, Gun Control: Now, It's Personal, vividly describes her experience of working in a school when the intruder alarm, signaling someone in the school with a gun, went off.

David Frum, CNN,Do Guns Make Us Safer? examines the flawed and misleading claim of 2.5 million defensive gun uses a year.

Lipstick LiberalThe Lipstick Liberal Show: June Cleaver Gives Gun Control Lesson, Because Nobody Likes Messy Children!!!

Jay Dickey & Mark Rosenberg, We Won't Know the Cause of Gun Violence Until We Look For It. It's vital to understand why we know more and spend so much more on preventing traffic fatalities than on preventing gun violence, even though firearm deaths approximate the number of motor vehicle deaths.

Ronald Brownstein, Why Obama Would Be Foolish Not to Pursue Gun Control. It's a myth that there is no longer any audience for gun control. It is, in fact, almost exactly the same audience that President Obama is pursuing with virtually everything else he does.

Chauncey Hollingsworth, How I Ended My Lifelong Love Affair With Guns. We see gun violence and we buy the rhetoric that we need to defend ourselves - with more guns, of course. We stock up on ammo, get ccw permits, and we complete the process of fulfilling our fears (not our hopes).

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

Amanda Terkel, NRA Sparks Backlash From Local Members After Involvement in Tennessee Election. Despite the fact that the NRA-backed candidate won in a recent primary, their heavy-handed involvement angered local residents, including NRA members.

► Media Matters, Gun "Researcher" Pushes Sham Statistics in The Wall Street Journal. John Lott cited dubious survey research to make a claim about members of law enforcement.

► Amy Goodman, Obama Administration Torpedoes Arms Trade Treaty. "There are more rules governing your ability to trade a banana from one country to the next than governing your ability to trade an AK-47." After the UN conference ended in failure, the NRA took credit for killing it.

► The Christian Science Monitor, Why the US Military is Fighting With the NRA.  The military is trying to cope with an epidemic of suicides but is frustrated by a recent law, pushed by the NRA, that makes it difficult to talk to soldiers about personally owned firearms.