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Kill At Will

The GVP Report - June 12, 2012

Kill at Will

Tampa Bay Times investigative report finds Florida 'Kill at Will (aka Stand Your Ground)' Law Yields Some Shocking Outcomes Depending on How Law is Applied Among the findings - those who invoke law to avoid prosecution have gone free nearly 70 percent of the time.  Defendants more likely to prevail if the victim is black. 

Explore Florida Database► Explore the most complete list of Florida 'Kill at Will' cases ever created. 

Travyvon Martin's parents plead with Gov. Scott's task force to change 'Kill At Will' law.  Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin delivered 375,000 online petitions collected by Second Chance on Shoot First.  "Our son has been sacrificed," Tracy Martin said, "It's a bad law, set up basically for the shooter to take an innoncent life."

► A new study by Texas A & M Professors Cheng Cheng and Mark Hoekstra, Does Strengthening Self-Defense Law Deter Crime or Escalate Violence? Evidence from Castle Doctrine, finds "the results indicate that a primary consequence of strengthening self-defense law is increased homicide."

► The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will launch a special investigation into how race affects the enforcement of kill-at-will laws across the nation. 

Mother Jones, How the NRA and Its Allies Helped Spread a Radical Gun Law Nationwide. Florida enacted the self-defense law in 2005.  By 2012, with the help from the NRA and its allies, 24 more states had adopted similar laws.

ProPublica, Five 'Kill at Will' Cases You Should Know About, points to additional troubling cases in Texas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Video taken night of fatal shooting► When Raul Rodriguez, of Houston, TX went to tell his neighbors to turn down the music he took a flashlight, a video camera, and a gun. Watch the video taken the night of the fatal shooting.  Rodriguez is claiming self-defense but prosecutors say he had ample opportunity to leave the confrontation.

MLive special report on self-defense homicides in Michigan: Justified to Kill.  Report takes a closer look at what happens before and after the killing.

► An Indiana law amends the 2006 Castle Doctrine bill that allows deadly force to stop illegal entry into a home or car to specifically allow force against police.  "Someone is going to get away with killing a cop because of this law."

In The News

Talking Points Memo, After Giffords Shooting, Violence Rhetoric Trickles Back Into Campaigns, gives examples of guns and violent rhetoric being used in current campaign videos and emails.

► At least eight people were killed and 46 injured in shootings in Chicago last weekend.  Murders were up sixty percent over the previous year during the first quarter of 2012 but are actually down eight percent this quarter and gun recovery is up twenty percent. 

California Deputy's Guns Found in Criminal Hands. Prosecutors have charged a Sacramento County sheriff's deputy with acting as a straw buyer to purchase restricted handguns which he then sold to unqualified buyers through a licensed dealer who also faces federal charges.

► The lone survivor of the shooting at a cafe in Seattle, WA that left four people dead says the gunman, Ian Stawicki, was intent on not leaving any survivors.  Stawicki's father told reporters that his son had a concealed weapons permit and was becoming noticeably volatile over time.

► Springfield, MA Police Officer Kevin Ambrose was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call. The shooter was a NYC correction officer who wounded his former girlfriend before taking his own life. 

Community Support

Mark Foresth, Baltimore Post Examiner, Gun Safety for Gang Bangers, reminds gang members that a true gunman knows his target and aims accordingly and avoids sloppy, even amateur shooting that wounds or kills innocent bystanders.

Art on Issues, Guns vs Cars? Would You Send Your Child There.  The data are clear that US children and adolescents are at many times the risk of losing their lives to gunfire than those in peer countries.  To defend that loss of life in the name of a constitutional right is both obscene and morally-corrupt. 

Spocko, My FireDogLake,Dear Tim: I'm worried my gun carrying son will hurt others, how do I get his concealed weapon permit revoked? examines the issue of revoking ccw permits in the wake of the Seattle shooting. 

Richard M. Aborn, Washington Post, Why Indifference to Gun Violence is a National Crime. The issue is not just that the NRA has created power but also that supporters of gun control have waned.  Many things can be done to take that control back, but three things are critical. 

Inside Out Project The Inside Out Project, a global art initiative, has partnered with the NYC Mission Society and the gun violence prevention group Operation SNUG for a photography exhibit in Harlem to show the faces of gun violence victims. 

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

Media Matters, NRA Partners With Conspiracy-Minded Gun Activist at Chicago CPAC,  gives some background information on the speakers on the NRA moderated panel "The Liberal's Shadow War on Second Amendment."

► AmmoLand, The George Soros Anti-Gun Agenda, wants you to know that "Michael Bloomberg wants to ban guns in your town" and that Mayors Against Illegal Guns "just want to make your guns illegal. Period."

► Media Matters, NRA Researcher Makes Dubious Comparison to Downplay U.S. Firearm Related Death Rate, looks at the gun lobby's attack on a recent Violence Policy Center report that shows gun deaths now outpace motor vehicle deaths in ten states. 

► The Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville, Texas has announced it is now hosting birthday parties for kids.  "The age limit is eight years old," said the owner. "You have to be tall enough to get above the shooting table."

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