Tuesday, May 1, 2012

68,000 Guns to Mexico

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The GVP Report - May 1, 2012

In The News

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives released data from 2007- 2011 documenting 68,000 guns recovered from crime scenes in Mexico, traced back to the United States.   Meanwhile, a new Obama administration requirement that gun stores in border states report multiple sales of military-style assault rifles has resulted in 123 criminal investigations in South Texas alone.  The National Shooting Sports Foundation has sued to stop the new reporting program.

CNN Reports: Fine Line Between Self-Defense and Murder► CNN Reports - Unstable Ground: The Fine Line Between Self-Defense and Murder, looks at four deadly force cases that test the boundaries of "Shoot First" laws.

Police Chiefs Focus on Disparities in Gun Violence, With an Eye Toward Solutions.  250 police chiefs from around the country meet to try to identify the causes of gun violence and find solutions. 

Kentucky Supreme Court rules against university.  Universities may still ban anyone from carrying a gun on campus but can't prohibit guns stored in vehicles saying it is "contrary to a fundamental policy, the right to bear arms."

► Controversial gun show loophole exposed in New Hampshire when it is discovered gun sold at local gun show used in police shooting where police chief died.

► The trial of the man accused of shooting and killing actress and singer Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew showcases the violent Chicago neighborhood and spike in city's homicide rate

► Republican Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has sent every governor in the nation a letter asking for support in improving background checks in gun sales. The letter encourages the states to evaluate reporting of mental health and other critical information to the NICS system.

► Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) has put a hold on the controversial Nationalize Concealed Carry bill. Stating the dangerous bill - which is opposed by law enforcement - would undermine states' rights.

Community Support

Tom Gabor, firearms policy expert, Guns for Self-Defense Mean More Costs, Not More Benefits. Sound public policy requires we move beyond anecdotes and examine the evidence of net benefits or costs of defensive gun use.

► Margie Omero, Democratic pollster, "Controlling" the Gun Debate: An Open Letter to All Pollsters, questions the wording of the recent Pew polling and warns that gun "control" is an anachronism and urges pollsters to rewrite gun questions. 

Jay Bookman, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Second Amendment Is Not An Excuse For Vigilantes, looks at the man and his son who held their new neighbors, an older man and woman, at gun point, with an AR-15, because they didn't recognize the couple

Lily Raff McCaulou, I Hunt, but the NRA Isn't for Me. I'm a hunter and a sportswoman. I own guns, but not for self-defense. I support gun control laws. I would happily vote to repeal the Stand Your Ground law in my home state. In other words, the NRA does not represent me.

Russell Simmons Gun Shots! The New American HeartbeatHoodies Up. Guns down. We must stop pressing snooze on our alarm clocks and wake up to the fact that our gun use in this country is out of control. 

Kellie Mejdrich, senior and Bolles Fellow at the University of Arizona, Obtaining Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit Takes 'Little More Than a Lunch Break and $100'. Kellie is a 22-year-old woman who has never touched a gun in her life, yet easily obtained an Arizona ccw permit. 

Dee Dee Garcia Blase, foundress of the largest Hispanic Republican group in the nation, Ted Nugent and the NRA Should Receive the "Lee Harvey Oswald" Award Regarding Obama Violent Rhetoric. Reminds us that Oswald bought his gun through an ad in an NRA magazine and calls on the NRA and Mitt Romney to denounce Ted Nugent.

Tim Skubick, MichiganLive, Majority in Poll Says Keep Guns Out of Schools, Churches,  72 percent of those polled in Michigan favor keeping concealed weapons out of schools, churches, bars, day-care centers and hospitals.

Dan Simpson, former U.S. ambassador, It's Time to End the Gun Nuttery. Look at who benefits from lax gun laws that facilitate and encourage the sale of guns.  It is clearly the arms industry that benefits.  Drug dealers and enforcers benefit.  America's police clearly do not.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

Media Matters, reports from the NRA Annual Meeting: the official battle cry for the campaign to defeat President Obama - "All In."  And follows-up with The NRA's Disastrous Week, which included fighting with their legislative ally ALEC and having their spokesman, Ted Nugent, visited by the Secret Service.

NBC News and Mayors Against Illegal Guns are just two organizations that have done eye opening undercover reporting on gun sales with no background checks.  In response, the NRA has teamed up with ALEC on a bill that would make these gun sale stings illegal

► Tennessee is the second state to consider a bill that would make gun owners a protected minority class in the workplace.  "Given that Tennessee has not legislated a minimum wage for workers it's remarkable that these legislators believe it's necessary to create statutory employment rights for gun owners," said a Tennessee civil rights attorney. A Missouri Senate panel recently endorsed similar legislation. 

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