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How Much We Pay When Killers Kill

The GVP Report - April 17, 2012

In The News

The Center for American Progress report, Auditing the Cost of the Virginia Tech Massacre: How Much We Pay When Killers Kill, asses the cost of the shooting for the taxpayers at $48.2 million.  Flaws in the system that allow easy access to guns "results in the inestimable loss of life and its horror and consequence. Sadly, we can calculate this cost another way...the taxpayer's bill for a spree killing."

Richmond Times-Dispatch, For Virginia Tech Families Little Clarity Five Years Later, looks at some of the survivors of the shooting who have become advocates for gun violence prevention.

Guardian News, Rise in Justifiable Homicides Linked to Weak Gun Control Laws, analyses FBI and other data since 2005 and finds a statistical correlation with states with both Shoot First laws and the weakest gun control and an increase in justifiable homicides. 

Ipsos/Reuers Poll on Gun Rights & Regulations found 44% of those surveyed had a very or somewhat favorable view of the NRA, 62% opposed allowing concealed weapons in a church, workplace, or retail establishment, and 91% supported background checks on gun sales.

LiveScience.com reports on a new study that finds when holding a gun a man of any size appears bigger, a notion that probably occurs at a subconscious level.  

Five former New Orleans cops sentenced in Hurricane Katrina shootings.  The men were sentenced for their roles in deadly shooting of unarmed residents in the chaotic days after the hurricane.

Washington Post, Trayvon Martin Shooting Spurs Protests Against Companies With Ties to Legislative Group, reports a number of organizations have pulled their support of conservative organization ALEC, a lobbying group working with the NRA to push "Shoot First" and other gun laws.

Two men confess to a shooting spree in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The two white men gunned down five strangers, all African American, killing three of them

Officer Down

Police Chief Michael Maloney, Greenland, New Hampshire, age 48.  Shot in the head and killed while serving a drug-related search warrant.  He leaves behind a son, 22, a daughter, 28 an a 14-month-old grandson.

Deputy Sheriff Robert Paris, Stanislaus County, California, age 53. Shot and killed while serving an eviction notice. He is survived by his parents and two adult children.

Officer Jaime Padron, Austin, Texas, age 40. Shot and killed while responding to a call about a drunk man at Walmart.  He is survived by his wife and two daughters, ages 6 and 10.

A man in Chicopee, Massachusetts opened fire on police with an AK-47 and a handgun.  A state trooper was wounded in the exchange of gunfire. 

An ex-convict in Brooklyn, New York wounded four officers during a gunfight inside a sixth-floor apartment. 

New York Times reports that according to FBI data, the number of police officers killed by perpetrators has risen sharply. 2011 was the first time more officers were killed by suspects than in car accidents.  

Community Support

Jill Lepore, The New Yorker, Battleground America: One Nation, Under the Gun, looks at the evolution of the NRA from a sporting club that encouraged gun control to a radical lobbying group. "Although rates of gun ownership, like rates of violent crime, are falling, the power of the gun lobby is not." 

Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks Current TV,  Democrats Should Never Have Abandoned the 2nd Amendment to Conservatives - We Need Gun Reform.

Spocko's Brain, Hey LaPierre, The Media's Not to Blame, You Are. A response to LaPierre's statement that the media is "manufacturing controversy for ratings" by covering the Taryvon Martin shooting.

Art on Issues, The Common Denominator of Right Wing Policy: Lost Lives, examines how special interest-driven policies are pursued despite well-documented, and often substantial, loss of American lives.

James E. Causey, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,No Hands-On Training to Carry, "Last week, I successfully completed a firearm safety course that's required to carry a concealed weapon. It was the easiest class I ever took."

Jon Soltz, VoteVets.org, 'Shoot First' Laws: Even Troops in War Zones Can't Do That. The Florida law "gives more leeway to shooters than our own military gives to soldiers in war."

Adam Winkler, law professor at UCLA, Is Gun Control Dead? "But if gun control is dead politically, it remains alive and well in the courts, despite a few high-profile Supreme Court rulings."

Bill Press, The Hill, US Leaders Gun Shy. "The nerve of President Calderon of Mexico.  How dare he come to the U.S. and utter two words Americans are no longer allowed to speak?  I heard them myself in the Rose Garden last week: gun control."

Robert Spitzer, Salon.com, The NRA's Silent Motive. "Fewer American's own guns now than in the 1960s.  Is that why the lobby wants to make them more accessible?"

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

Fear, Frustration and Guns as NRA Targets Obama.  AlterNet offers highlights from the recent NRA convention in St. Louis.

Guardian News, NRA: 10 Ways It Has Weakened Gun Control Laws in the US.  How the organization behind Florida's "Shoot First" law has been exploiting loopholes - and creating more - for years.

The Right to Bear Arms - in a US Assembly.  Mark Guarino reports on lawmakers in several states who feel the need to carry loaded hidden guns into state capitols and even on the assembly floor. 

Want to Be Seen As "Cool" in Texas?  Buy A Gun Silencer, looks at the trend in Texas to buy silencers for both handguns and hunting rifles.

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