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Any Gun, Anyone, Anywhere

The GVP Report - April 3, 2012

Any Gun, Anyone, Anywhere

Rachel Maddow, Legislators Loosen Gun Laws No Matter How Grave the Tragedy. "How we will engage on the racial issue of the Trayvon tragedy and can this lead to a productive discussion about guns?"

Center for American Progress, 'Stand Your Ground' Law Leads to Trayvon Martin's Death: Legal Deadly Force Outside the Home Meets Racial Profiling, "The law shifts the burden of proof that defendants did not act out of self-defense onto the (often) deceased shoulders of their victims." And "allow individuals to act (with death force) on racist hunches about who is suspicious and who might harm them."

Mike Lupica, New York Daily news, Pistol Was the Trigger: Trayvon Martin is Just Another Notch for the Gun Lobby. "The NRA is relentlessly working to make buying a gun as easy as buying a lottery ticket."

The Downward Spiral, The "Gun Nuts" Finally Went Too Far. "The NRA's biggest problem is that it has been TOO successful. What can NRA lobbyists do when the politicians have become so cowed that there is no longer any realistic threat of serious gun control legislation being enacted?" 

Cenk Uyger, The Young Turks, interviews Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America.  According to Pratt you can shoot a guy who's beating you, but you can't beat a guy who's about to shoot you

Bloomberg News, Florida Turns 'Gunshine State' After Years of Republican Control. While violent crime has decreased in the last ten years, gun-related fatalities have increased 35 percent. 

Violence Policy Center report, "Never Walk Alone" - How Concealed Carry Laws Boost Gun Sales, looks at how the gun industry exploits NRA-backed laws to sell new guns to old customers and to entice new ones. "Truly the greatest beneficiary of national concealed carry stand to be the gun industry."

In The News

Study from Notre Dame Associate Professor of Psychology James Brockmole, in upcoming issue of Journal of Experimental Psychology, finds that holding a gun makes you think others are too

Mark Karlin, Truthout, Murder Incorporated: Guns, the NRA and the Politics of Violence on the Mexican Border.  Reports that "an iron river of guns flows across the border" and notes "Mexican Cartels are a profitable end market for US gun manufacturers and sellers."

After being denied a gun purchase in Oregon when background check found history of mental illness, John Shick bought two handguns through a newspaper ad in New Mexico with no background checkHe used the guns to shoot and kill one person and wound five others at Western Psychiatric Institute in Pennsylvania last month.

New Hampshire state legislator Kyle Tasker dropped one of his guns on the floor at the start of House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee meeting.  Tasker routinely wears two guns in a should holster to legislative meetings.

Trayvon Martin Tragedy

Several sites offer comprehensive overviews of the Trayvon Martin killing and subsequent events:

New York Times: The Events Leading to the Shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Mother Jones: The Trayvon Martin Killing, Explained.

Huffington Post: The Trayvon Martin Tragedy.

Salon.com: Why Rush Limbaugh and the Right Turned on Trayvon Martin.

Community Support

Art on Issues, Guns in Restaurants/Bars: Establishment Owner Liabilities and Rights Infringement, looks at pending legislation in North Carolina to allow ccw in bars and argues that it not only violates bar owner's rights but also may potentially subject them to liability for any gun injuries.

A coalition including National Urban League, NAACP, ColorOfChange, MoveOn, AFL-CIO, SEIU, Center for Media and Democracy, ProgressNow, Common Cause, National Council of Churches and more attempted to talk to ALEC, to ask them to disclose all NRA funding and stop promoting "Kill at Will" bills.

Gail Collins, More Guns, Fewer Hoodies, "Whenever there is a terrible shooting incident somewhere in America, our politicians talk about everything except whether the tragedy could have been avoided if the gunman had not been allowed to carry a firearm."

Nicole Brodeur, No Safety Training Required to Get Gun Permit, "Getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Washington state is as easy as buying a new set of tires. There's a bit of paperwork, and you may have to sit for a spell while they make sure your records is clean. But you can be out and packing in less than an hour."

HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher tells Dr. Drew that the Democratic Party bowing to the NRA on the issue of gun control made it possible for the "Kill at Will" laws "This is what happens in American when one political party, in this case, the Democrats, completely rolls over on an issue, in this case, gun control."

Jonathan Zimmerman, Where's the Trayvon Martin Petition About Gun Control?, "We need to ask whether any private citizen should be carrying a concealed weapon, and whether 'Stand Your Ground' measures make people trigger-happy.  We need to think about the most common victims of our lax guns laws: African Americans."

Marian Wright Edelman, How Our Nation Can Protect Children, Not Guns, "It's shameful that when child and teen gun deaths are compared in 23 high-income countries, 87 percent of all children under 15 killed by guns were in the United States. To read the Children's Defense Fund 2012 report Protect Children, Not Guns click here

Cliff Schecter, Unarmed and Dangerous? "Both ALEC and the NRA exist to support the whims and wants of privileged and largely white members of society, while disenfranchising, impoverishing and even allowing the Trayvon Martins of our society to be gunned down in cold blood.  Racism is at their very core."

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

Strum, Ruger & Company, Inc. Gains on Fears Over Gun Control.  The company, which manufactures and sells firearms in the U.S., rallied 114.7% in the past year based in part on fears President Obama would enforce stricter firearm regulations if reelected.

The NRA  has a new item in its online store: hooded sweatshirts with a special pocket designed to carry a concealed handgun.  They sent out an email March 26th promoting the item and asking "Are you ready for a ccw hoodie?"

Media Matters, Not Just "Kill At Will": ALEC Helps the NRA Push Guns on Campus. After adopting the NRA model legislation that would allow ccw permit holders to bring guns on college campuses, ALEC helped introduce the legislation in 23 states in 2011.  Two states passed the bill. The bill was introduced in many states again in 2012.

Supporters of 'Stand Your Ground' Laws in Iowa, Illinois Don't Back Down.  Legislators who have introduced "Kill At Will" bills in Iowa and Illinois intend to keep pushing the bill, despite the national debate spawned by the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Legal Community Against Violence,  25 states, including Florida, have "Kill At Will" laws containing provisions that generally allow the use of deadly force in self-defense with no duty to retreat in locations outside the home.

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